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Original title: Is Yan Zhi defeated by Zhong Jiaxin? 28 years old of floret obtain TVB force to hold in both hands, ever was called ” reprint Shang Luowen “ Star just went out, can be you lost to judge? Regard acting actual strength as the She Shiman of the clique, ever was in when going out because voice is too small, be approved ” gallinaceous young sound ” . But she is behaved with oneself effort and outstanding acting, telling him audience is not ” gallinaceous young sound ” , and she nowadays, also be the existence of the class after inspecting already.

20220225161548 621900b48cb3d

Star actor goes out, hard to avoid can have the place that is lost to judge. Be just like the author to want to say next this, give the teleplay that performs a ministry to become leading lady, acting is approved by firm. Not only such, she still is pointed out acting is insufficient ” level ” , sound resembles noise. Can serve as ” goddess class ” existence, her Yan Zhi is not defeated by Zhong Jiaxin. This 28 years old of floret obtain TVB force to hold in both hands, ever was called ” reprint Shang Luowen ” . He Yiting.

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Perhaps everybody may not retains this name, but the harbor theatrical work that likes the theatrical work that chase after harbor is confused, not difficult discovery has several theatrical work in last few years, had appeared she. ” the airport is particular alarm ” in ” An An ” , ” the benevolence cure below sky ” the belle doctor in ” You Zhihua ” . But her main actor and the drama market that acting is approved by firm, it is a ministry daughter however advocate work, new edition ” the of 5 moon at the beginning of October ” . Nevertheless, be approved by firm to acting, although He Yiting is afflictive, but she is clear also ” work gives a market, sure meeting has different voice ” this truth.

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As act in a play new personality, play the leading role the He Yiting when heroine, from go out up to now, what did she experience? One’s previous experience of 01 harbor elder sister 2017, attend ” Hong Kong young lady ” the He Yiting that wins second place, enter so become the actor or artist below TVB banner all right.

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Often look in one’s childhood ” Hong Kong young lady ” the He Yiting of this program, look to imitate Hong Kong young lady to sit in the coronate on champion throne in the home that momently. This act, believe a lot of people ever had been imitated. Middle school period is very corrupt the He Yiting that play, ceng Chen confuses computer game to did not read. But draw near take an examination of an university, understand ” cannot not take an examination of hard attend a college ” He Yiting, begin to study impact. Why to enjoy oneself place as a child according to graceful speak bluntly, it is ” never character is abandoned ” .

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He Yiting ever had tried to be in once exam before today, because pressure is too great,cause sickness, but the side effect that she causes to because give or take an injection,refuse, then the choice is borne by force do not give or take an injection take medicine go examination room. The half body when the result brings about her to take an exam is paralytic, but she still insists to want to take an examination of go down. Because look in her eye, this is the moment of truth that will change him lifetime. Also this shows, he Yiting’s perseverance is very stubborn. To He Yiting, during choosing the United States, pressure serious offence chooses beautiful end. In the process that choose the United States, he Yiting sees a netizen comment on on the net at the same time, handle the issue of harbor elder sister at the same time, often come home to cry in the evening everyday, bring about him panda eye.

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Nevertheless, let He Yiting get very good results hard. He Yiting joins TVB to become actor or artist not only, still obtain TVB force to hold in both hands, go up quickly become female. But her acting experience, also do not have so simple. He Yiting from gues-star a part to be made, be duped quickly heroine, but also cannot escape to be scolded, the destiny that acting is approved by firm. 02 act in a play provoke controversy enter first perform art circle, why depend on graceful and did not act in a play immediately, be engaged in directing a program however. Originally bashful He Yiting, because manage the relation of the program, let her be before screen no longer cowardly, become more optimistic. He Yiting gives histrionic market for the first time, it is to gues-star teleplay ” neighbor money as form of a address for an official or rich man ” .

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She ever still was in ” she her girlhood ” the personate in this drama ” school is beautiful ” one horn, although show share is not much, but get the better of in Yan Zhiliang eye. Although anthology of these two drama, he Yiting does not have too much play, but most at least this is a good start. In receive ” the airport is particular alarm ” after the play of this drama, he Yiting begins cowardly, fear to cannot control quite this part.

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Because part difficulty is tall,not be, why to receive the part of so much dialogue first according to graceful however, to her nature is to have challenge sex very much. In the process that take sport, because He Yiting presses muscularity, the feeling is fast suffocative come, she feels position is very bad even. But had looked actually ” the airport is particular alarm ” audience, can feel the part that acts to He Yiting, behave very naturally, have girl feeling very much. Until piece perform teleplay ” the of 5 moon at the beginning of October ” , he Yiting begins to be lost to judge. Although had looked in one’s childhood ” the of 5 moon at the beginning of October ” , but He Yiting is relatively ambiguous to the impression of this drama.

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Reverse the part that take theatrical work as, ” the of 5 moon at the beginning of October ” bead jade is advanced, new edition hard to avoid can be taken do quite. Not only Hu Hongjun goes out act ” at the beginning of article ” by odium, act even He Yiting ” Zhu Jun is good ” , also be approved by firm. Leave in this drama since sowing, many comments point to spearhead He Yiting continuously. She what perform heroine for the first time, “Zhu Jun is good ” this part nature is to have challenge sex very much. Even if is lost to judge, she still also has a lot of beside the person is supporting him.

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After experiencing disturbance, he Yiting understands a reason, that is work after broadcasting, be sure meeting somebody likes, also somebody does not like. If criticize oneself person, have constructive opinion, he Yiting also can consult. 03 He Yiting is in ” the benevolence cure below sky ” medium expression besides in ” the of 5 moon at the beginning of October ” medium expression, he Yiting is in ” the benevolence cure below sky ” in this drama, acting can be encircled actually can nod. As new personality, he Yiting is in drama with partner of Zhong Jiaxin, Zheng Jiaying, Ma Guoming.

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But she does not have stage fright, behave very outstandingly however, will tell as new personality actor already very pretty good. The netizen also points out, he Yiting is in ” the benevolence cure below sky ” Yan Zhi is not defeated by Zhong Jiaxin.

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Want to say to talk acting, the expression of apparent Zhong Jiaxin is more mature, but expressional future of He Yiting but period. According to the He Yiting expression in this drama, want to be able to progress ceaselessly only, future takes the possibility after inspecting, also be very big. Although the He Yiting outside 04 play is called to be by the outside ” goddess class ” exist, he Yiting ever still was considered as ” reprint Shang Luowen ” . But the He Yiting outside play, it is a very footloose existence however. Be informed oneself to be called goddess, he Yiting speak bluntly dare be not become.

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Ever because take theatrical work cruel thin He Yiting, point out take theatrical work very tired, pressure is very great also, but also be process of a learning at the same time. He Yiting also him speak bluntly has pie-eyed one side, also can not make up brush one’s teeth wash a face to have breakfast, play game next. Outside play, because the photograph is shared in gregarious platform,He Yiting ever also had tried, be considered as however ” dazzle is rich ” and be commented, be guessed all sorts of losing to judge. Although feel to subdue, but why to go up in growing road according to graceful, be certain from beginning to end a truth. “Winning in the scratch line is not so important, you should take terminal word, did not concern with start actually, the most important it is unashamed ” .

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It seems that each star goes out, be unavoidable by odium, by netizen assail. He Yiting is not exceptional also. After experiencing odium, he Yiting also has afflictive when.

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But the most commendable is, after experience is afflictive, she still can face an issue with the most hopeful state of mind. This, be worth us to learn actually.

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