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Original title: These a few classical parts, after been perform by an actor, can surmount again with respect to nobody, include Lin Daiyu Say a part by nobody are surmounted after an actor, still point to work of drama of classical movie and TV generally speaking for, this work had better be classical can film repeatedly to later ages, among them the part is acted early or late by different actor, alone its are such, just can make quite. Lin Daiyu often is in, chen Xiaoxu is seldom appearing in Chen Xiaoxu is a the most special. The Lin Daiyu that she acts appears the earliest, accord with most person to Lin Meimei anticipate, tenderness is beautiful, morbid state is beautiful, still have mischievous beauty, can be in it seems that of Chen Xiaoxu piece the solution is found in acting.

20220225161628 621900dc81143

After that him Chen Xiaoxu life circumstances, more she acts Lin Daiyu this issue added legend sex. After that so much actress has acted Lin Daiyu, can not surmount Chen Xiaoxu. Can foreknow, a lot of years also won’t such person will appear henceforth.

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6 small age child figure is damaged, but act Sun Wu to still be for nothing classical

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6 small age child it is one’s previous experience of old and well-known family of a show by a performing monkey, follow father to learn time as a child, there is 20 to come forward only when increasing a histrionic volume, one skill Sun Wu sky such figure is deduced lifelike. Can say, yang Jie edition ” on the west travel notes ” can succeed and often act not to decline, as empty as Sun Wu character can perfect model have immediate concern.

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Also have a few version after that ” on the west travel notes ” come out, also a few people act Sun Wu sky, but classical degree cannot with 6 small age child version photograph is compared. Old actor violent wind makes fun of, act classical part

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Of course Tang Guojiang acted Zhu Geliang successfully also, the performance that anyhow awaits in those days is very serious, not be actor of a little little now fresh pork can be compared.

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Break up pat have a successor oneself

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