Thu. Jul 7th, 2022
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Original title: Zhao Liying has bandit actor to ride false horse to take sport, did money give Zhao Liying to do not have Qianmaima? Recently by Wu Jinyuan of Hong Kong celebrated director hold guide, li Ying of Zhao of Chinese well-known actress, wang Yibo, zhang Huiwen, zhou Jieqiong, sun Jian, the teleplay of large ancient costume that the person such as Hu Bing acts the leading role ” have bandit ” in Hengdian fervent find a view films in.

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Teleplay ” have bandit ” the find a view of garden of age the Tang Dynasty that is in Hengdian all the time recently films, like teleplay of large ancient costume ” big Tang Rongyao ” ” Chu Qiao of the wife of a prince of secret service emperor is passed ” , ” counsellor is allied ” ” annals of high official position of kill celestial being ” , ” choose day is written down ” , ” alone Gu the world ” ” that sky that sea ” etc is in the age of Hengdian Tang Yuan find a view films. So by Zhao Liying ” nature having bandit ” not exceptional also, in the age of Hengdian Tang Yuan films recently, a certain actor of Zhao Liying play staff is equestrian recently the play that filming one fights. This actor was not riding true horse, riding horse of a prop to take sport however. (prop horse common weighs false horse. It is play staff model emulation Ma Ding is made and become, prop harness in the right way brings congruent advantage) . So why should this actor ride false horse to take sport?

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Guess one: The likelihood is this actor won’t ride true horse, want to be replaced with prop horse so. An actor is the vitallest is to perform good play, we also cannot ask whats should meet the actor picture: Equestrian, wushu is covered action.

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Of course Zhao Liying Wang Yibo takes money to more also they take the sense with much money, alleged: Ability is greater, liability is bigger. After all teleplay ” have bandit ” viewing rate relies on Zhao Liying Wang Yibo even. Now teleplay ” have bandit ” film had arrived in later period, believe to be in soon teleplay ” have bandit ” will show dedication to give authority, ask everybody to expect please!

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