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Original title: ” between the world ” be about to big ending, 3 ” hellion ” eventually ” wash white “ By Li Lu hold guide, adapt from Liang Xiaosheng ” award of Mao Dun literature ” bear the palm is homonymic the realistic theme of the novel is big now drama ” between the world ” inspect happy theater to broadcast at coming to will be defended in Jiangsu on March 27 on Feburary 24. This is ” between the world ” the 2nd round on the star broadcasts, everybody was not brushed enough, can continue to lock up calm Jiangsu to defend inspect brush again.

20220225161730 6219011a51f56

Nowadays, ” between the world ” be about to big ending, 3 people that everybody does not like at the beginning are about to wash white. 1, Luo Shibin we first for say Luo Shibin, he is the accepted hellion in drama. Because he did the sort of thing to Zheng Juan. If because,not be this thing, zheng Juan also won’t pass so miserably. Nevertheless, I feel, deny a person completely incorrect also. Make the person of fault after all, the opportunity that also should be excused once.

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After Luo Shibin comes out from the jail, he already ” give up evil and return to good ” . Above all, he wants to look for one individual marriage, live smooth and steady life. Make mistake because of him regrettablly, god punished him, he cannot have his child. So he just looks for Zheng Juan. He looks for Zheng Juan this, did not use the method with shameful what, after rejecting him when Zhou Nan especially, his of one mind should create empire of a business for the son. Also did not force Zheng Juan and Zhou Bingkun. Later, below his drive, zhou Nan is taken an examination of by right of his ability attended Tsinghua college, take an examination of again later on Ha Fo. Luo Shibin just also provided a few fund to him.

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Zhou Nan is willing to admit Luo Shibin, because he is rich,not be, because Zhou Nan does not have the money that wants him, the ability that depends on oneself completely however realizes ideal, felt Luo Shibin is open-armed to his clearly however. Although Luo Shibin died, can be his arrangement to the company very Tuo Tie, he does not have appoint people by favouritism, turn the rightest person to the leader however locally, this is pair of everybody is responsible. Depend on this, luo Shibin also cannot be a real bad person. 2, in origianl work of water do as one pleases, water do as one pleases is a good person originally.

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He follows Tu Zhijiang originally is a pair, tu Zhijiang married Zheng Juan later, deceive the public. But besmear mark is strong before on one’s deathbed, zheng Juan was pregnant. To do not lose Tu Zhijiang, water do as one pleases insists to let Luo Shibin give Zheng Juan Song Qian together, to let her well subsist. On some kind of view, he is Zheng Juan and Zhou Bingkun ” go-between ” , without him, zhou Bingkun cannot know Zheng Juan; Without Zhou Bingkun, zheng Juan resembles same now happiness impossibly also. But from the back, luo Shibin begins to helping water do as one pleases grab the child, this lets us feel he has a place ” abhorrent ” . Especially he finds Zhou Nan under the counter, return the relationship of provocative Zhou Bingyi and Zhou Bingkun, have a place really not pure.

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But the moment of truth, he still is carried thoroughly. Luo Shibin died, he talks for Zhou Bingkun on the court. Ceng Shan changes a mind temporarily, also be he censures Ceng Shan. Luo Shibin’s will is made public, ceng Shan is troubled by greatly, also be he persuades Ceng Shan to get along well, get better closes. Otherwise from the back worse wind up. Although water do as one pleases manages yard to be no good, making a career this also is inferior to Luo Shibin on one hand, but he stresses personal loyalty, very good really to the friend. He goes up to still have a strong scroll energy of life personally, everybody likes no wonder he.

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Believe to go up to defend these two firm works to Zhou Bingkun talks and be Luo Shibin in the court by right of him, he also wants by ” wash white ” . 3, what Jin Yueji washs is the whitest, the maternal Jin Yueji that should be wintry plum.

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At the beginning, everybody does not like her. Because she gives a person a kind of sense that stand high above the masses. Because did not follow mother of week of grasping adoptive father to had met, be denounced by everybody. Especially wintry plum says her those words, speak out an audience people aspirations. Nevertheless, as the propulsion of gut, everybody more and more discovery, she is like is not so was fed up with. Handle Zhou Bingyi’s work for instance, know he wants to do real thing, recommended him to constituent branch. Know his work is hard, always let wintry plum make allowances for him. It is to guide him more from the back, still took out oneself only deposit to support him. Can say, jin Yueji perhaps is not good at interacting with the person, but she treats Zhou Bingyi very good really, very much also to his help.

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” between the world ” be about to big ending, allegedly from the back oneself exclusive wish is spoken before Jin Yueji on one’s deathbed, allow commute a sentence of week of grasping elder brother namely. In origianl work, zhou Bingkun says, he auxes would rather not commute a sentence, also hope Jin Yueji meets with his parents before one’s death. But Zhou Cong says however, on the problem that did not meet in bilateral relatives by marriage, not only Jin Yueji has a problem, zhou Zhigang also has a problem, do not have because of everybody active. Such looking, jin Yueji is to want by complete ” wash white ” . Do you feel they are 3 people hellion?

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