Thu. Jun 30th, 2022
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Original title: Jing admired the Zhang Baizhi of days, also do not have the Qing Chun previously again, exuviate turns the life into the strong tea in! There were a lot of Jing to admire in recreational group the goddess of days, especially the Hong Kong of 90 time, the Hong Kong daughter that awaits in those days stars each charm is extreme, can the name changes one party, great majority has superhigh Yan Zhi and perfect figure. Include Zhang Baizhi among them, believing a lot of people is to pass her to follow Zhou Xing gallop of collaboration ” comedic king ” this one film just knows Zhang Baizhi, the Zhang Baizhi at that time special ground is young, special ground Qing Dynasty is pure. Face of long a piece of first love also is very attractive, after performing this film, going out also is be known by more people gradually, can say completely to go up going out is summit summit future exceedingly good! Zhang Baizhi is to have a lot of resource really, acting art what develop on the career is plain sailing the advertisement Dai Yan that has a lot of, but it is really the feeling to her after many twists and turns, although have the emotional experience that passes a few times, but end in order to fail, make person impression the deepest should be the marriage that Zhang Baizhi follows Xie Ting sharp edge, once this paragraph of amour also is be blessed by a lot of people and value, just arrived to end in order to divorce however finally, make a person special really the ground is regretful!

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In the two people after the divorce, also be rapid went in the bitterness from the divorce, xie Ting sharp edge is basic it is to not have seam connective to follow Wang Fei velocity of light is compound, and exceedingly high-key, publicity, special ground calm, those who do not have a bit is unwell. And Zhang Baizhi appears exceedingly low-key, although also be to be pregnant,gave birth to the 3rd embryo, had 3 children, but the father of the 3rd child is everybody comes out without exposure, can say to keep secret the job is done so that reach the designated position very! Taste life the Zhang Baizhi of 100 condition also was to produce decay, the Zhang Baizhi glamour previously is extraordinary, clear pure person of the girl is set let her have very high temperature, was full of vigor, a such sunshine are active up schoolgirl, no matter go to the central point that where can make others. Him Zhang Baizhi also is special ground make public, no matter be,be in daily life, revealing oneself glamour to the top of one’s bent! But after Zhang Baizhi gave birth to the 3rd child, be like very sedulous ground to reduce his force, like appearing to resemble a Xiaobai, do not want to have luminosity exposing to the sun, the attention of not conceivable everybody, what put in concealed ‘s charge like a master is same. The Zhang Baizhi previously is enthusiastic like nor’wester, want to blossom to the top of one’s bent him combustion, present Zhang Baizhi produced decay, turn into strong tea, want to return to flat life to take care of good child only! / / The business that Url=YD_cnt_8_018c05clkQEP perhaps is experience is too much really, zhang Baizhi also was to discover what thing does not stay, only the child is him, she has seen emotive thing weak, be being paid attention to more is close affection. Even if go all the way, get a lot of doubt and sneer at, the likelihood is not a good actor, but the mother with must admit to Zhang Baizhi is certainly good, she costs many time to accompany the child now, think for company child is grown!

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Although Zhang Baizhi had gone up age, but the figure colour value that must admit her is on-line as before, person energy of life also is exceedingly tall, hope Zhang Baizhi can be below the premise that takes care of good child, can bring work of more movie and TV, believe those who expect to be able to see Zhang Baizhi’s work to very much young associate also is special!

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