Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: Close sticky male friend uncovers old Jon in person marry plan The male friendly Ceng Weichang of old Jon (Alan) creation mural holds opening ceremony 23 days, she is low-key reach the spot, and did not suffer visit.

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Alan holds art exhibition. When favour of Alan refer Chen Qiao very careful, ask about whether can you have next development? He laughs say: “This is secret, the secret is secret. ” but although like old Jon very much,also disclose pa Mom, do not have urge the meaning of marriage.

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Old Jon shows the art exhibition of Alan of body male friend. Alan discloses draw color originally drabber, but a lot of color are added after knowing old Jon, “I am duller, she is more interesting, she can give me inspiration. ” express common each other says ” baby ” , also can call husband, wife sometimes, “That just cries happy ” .

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Old Jon and Alan love sweetly. As a result of the relation of epidemic situation, alan already was as long as 2 years to did not answer Malaysia, he says frankly to miss hometown very much, but parents thinks Taiwan epidemic situation compares hasten delay, also suggest he does not go back to the motherland. When asking about a picture, can old Jon complain very dull? Alan laugh says: “She won’t complain, she herself can see homicide play, when sleeping on the side the book that also can put killing, when I sleep, pretty fears. When I sleep, pretty fears..

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