Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: ” the bureau in antique bureau ” model again without the strange an ingenious military move that seize treasure flatly (embedded drama is appeared) 20220225190008 621927389c97c Bad to also do not rot, with respect to 4 words, do not have flatly strange. Once ” seize Bao Jibing ” introduce to the film that seize treasure big screen, lift a tide that seize treasure, later of 90 time Hollywood ” mummy ” this kind of film commercialize accomplished the biggest. So old past, ” the bureau in antique bureau ” show, still be as before ” seize Bao Jibing ” those things, invariable. Regular meeting has not to have odd leading role in fact flatly is a hidden ace, again tie-in a beautiful heroine; villain in drama also is certainly besides money without a single redeeming feature, of one mind wants treasure only, but regular finally meeting by oneself greedy killing dead; villain in drama is him certainly beside ordinary unimportant person, it is to take this to do certainly invert after; penetralia was taking treasure certainly, ; leading role also meets the cave in escape in at the last gasp certainly, next make vigorous efforts to turn the situation. Film magnifies the experience of seeing and hearing that the director is good at to acme, but also have this only. Antique, the most important is ” true bogus of ancient bronze mirror ” , however meaning of its extend the meaning ” popular feeling of ancient bronze mirror ” , but film changed latter infirmly, a lot of originally can the antique that drag gives backside popular feeling, was regarded as the tool that opens office, the game that then an antique differentiates is a game only really. So ” the bureau in antique bureau ” it is, treasure differentiates game. Pure play just. You cannot say it is sodden piece, because of actors acting is online, these roads of Gu Zao also do not carry give what defect to come. But namely, why to go more than 10 years, we return the thing before repeating ten years. So ” the bureau in antique bureau ” it is good-looking, really general kind, because issue the gut audience of one act to be able to be guessed certainly… really dull sentence, look to also go. # of the bureau in # antique bureau plum show play of # of # film explanation to kill recommend # film a play answer dish the public sign that drama shows: Sy play

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