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Original title: Female prentice transition does Zhao Benshan director, turn over edition of the father that take a bit ” aid is official ” , netizen: Be in a complete mess Zhao Benshan female prentice, transition becomes a director, turn over edition of the father that take a bit ” aid is official ” , the netizen tells in a wretched state: Be in a complete mess.

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Speak of bifurcation egg, the impression that believes a lot of people are the deepest to him or spring that your everybody in evening the essay of remain fresh in one’s memory, it is nevertheless after that, bifurcation egg however hardly what fame, besides can appearancing now and then besides essay of performance a song-and-dance duet popular in the Northeast, bifurcation egg had faded out of the line of sight of the audience gradually it seems that. Egg of the closest nevertheless bifurcation however regain masses eye shot, just be the identity regression with the director this, a as class of Zhao Benshan Home Zhao, bifurcation egg it is a regular bus that overtook female director, and the first work breaks up namely take greeting bit father is classical, this is shown recently namely ” volt demon aid is official ” although courage is laudable, the result of Dan Ya egg is bad however.

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From what just showed work can see, she did not make the director’s natural gift really, pick part namely above all, he invited Tang Jianjun of senior fellow apprentice to become volt tiger arhat, quite the meaning of part greeting Wu Mengda, but the Xie Ankun because of Tang Jianjun personate too too thorough popular feeling, so hard to avoid can let a person dally with, next, this work gut also very let a person make tired, rectify what ministry film comes down to do not have a bit to invert, although this greeted Zhou Xing gallop the aid of edition is official, but break up it is so easy to pat classical where to have, finally not only will classical destroy so that be in a complete mess, the booking office that also lets this work is looked at embarrassed.

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