Wed. Jul 6th, 2022
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Original title: ” ace secret service: The source rises ” : Character nature can be searched without mark, gut deserves to go up ” peripheral “ This thinking look ” ace secret service: Since the source ” can see wonderful tussle picture, between secret service wonderful right definitely, small make up seem by film name medium ” ace secret service ” was puzzled, also be likely by ” the source rises ” the misdirect of new move place of two words, small making up is to wanting not to understand, one is differentiated how the film in behavioral venture type is OK so ” ugly ” , the set of character nature does not have mark to be able to be searched at all in drama, want to look for bit of reasonable scenario to be done not have, still have gut honest too over- ” peripheral ” , if you are a filmgoer that likes to study gut, that is small make up offer a piece of advice you do not see this movie.

20220225190123 62192783b6e22

The story of the film says simple but quite fathomless also, above all the beginning of the story set is in a flock of bad guy people on the body, because of these bad guy people the terrorism that wants to start unprecedented, so male advocate nature also is to taking his partner to come out to save the world, although the story is of convention, but if the picture is enough and wonderful small making up also can be accepted, but small those who make up absolutely to did not think of is, the civil play length of this film is to be in too much, let small make up look drowsily.

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Still having a bit is worth to spit groove, why can be movie poster patted so be without a key, if not be small,edit reminiscence became good so the word of a bit, probably who is I cannot find leading role in the film. Altogether, no matter this film is gut or picture are in small making up here cannot pass to close, do so you feel this film how?

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