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Original title: ” spend the New Year to marry this year ” director Shi Weijiang: General law is the responsibility of film person

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Personnel of main play staff rules by law on the weekend reporter: That you whether film to what we introduce this film characteristic? Shi Weijiang: ” spend the New Year to marry this year ” the youth that showed a pair of true love, still can feel warm old practice eclectically in music. Accordingly, the film gives priority to color to move with yellow, because yellow is indicative a warm, passion, brave, wisdom, indicative bumper harvest and hope, indicative love and clinging; Music is the temperament of the film, each paragraphs of music in this film is advanced for the story made accurate bedding, include each paragraphs of play to suit what musical instrument. Law talking about general insists to direct, law of aspire series general rules by law on the weekend reporter: We understand you to also filmed pass a barrier records the motion picture of practical subject matter such as children staying behind in the past, so, film general standard movie, nod than there is He Te with other movie photograph? Shi Weijiang: Of general standard movie and other movie lie differently at, on the foundation that general standard movie is being disclosed or records real problem, more important is to have the sense that popularizes law and value to direct, no matter still be to starting a writer,the audience can have very good society effect. Current, a lot of people of our country still lack legal knowledge, we take general law motion picture more, can let more common people know a way, know a way, use statute goes protecting his, build favorable social order and social conduct thereby. ” spend the New Year to marry this year ” cross this film to express a true viewpoint of value to everybody with respect to be enlightened, “Betrothal gifts ” the chains that should not be marriage, let more youth be married real love, and the happiness that does not lose him lifetime because of the interference of betrothal gifts. Hope this film can let more audience absorb nutrition of law of one laxative remedy, bring a society a good marriage love an ethos. Rule by law on the weekend reporter: We understand the film to film on the spot in villages and towns, do then you have experience masses the demand to general standard movie? Shi Weijiang: Our film is finished in Shanxi Jincheng place whole film, my impression is deeper is, the meeting when filming gets of common people surround view and inquiry, also can have the effect that causes to filming and the place that do not understand, but wanting us to explain only is filmed general standard movie, they can understand and can provide a help actively. For instance, the policeman helps maintain order, boss of tea factory, bazaar is offerred film the place. “What you do is a favour, we want to support as common people. ” they say. This explains masses has the demand watching a movie of general standard movie, and film contain teachs Yu Le, also be the general way way of common people love to see and hear. So, I feel movie of the standard that pat general is the duty that regards a film as the person and responsibility, I also can be done all the time. Rule by law on the weekend reporter: Hear you issue movie of standard of a general to also be in charge of with civil code relevant, why to meet what regard series general law as the film with civil code allusion cut a point? The circumstance of a film whether disclose? Shi Weijiang: In preparation the film grinds in the process that reads civil code law, I experience the daily life be closely bound up of it and our everybody, be like marriage love, property, with civil code allusion serves as cut a dot to have transmission, more common people of press close to lives, also facilitate audience study sth in order to apply it. Movie of standard of the 2nd general ” love probability ” the play has been finished, film bureau is declared already also passed, the plan leaves first half of the year this year pat, will pay close attention to this ” the divorce is sober period ” problem. Hope authority is great the film that pays close attention to us, just do not evaluate a film, also can do a participator, if have good story and theme, can tell me to listen through leaving a message, I always am awaiting reader and audience people good originality! Shi Weijiang brief introduction: Shi Weijiang, director, ceng Rong obtains film festival of world of the 17th London to have honor of talent new director most. Work of movie and TV has ” patriot ” ” interior legal medical expert ” ” 3 dozens of 3 nimble ” ” the reunion meal of little girl ” ” spend the New Year to marry this year ” etc.

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