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Original title: In March piece only exposure, 85 flower poplar cloth cover new theatrical work of Yi Fei of Zhao Liying Liu hits shelf, winning the home is it however

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Because of the winter abstruse reason, winter vacation archives is done not have this year on what big play, chose to will broadcast March mostly however drama of a few keys, can undertake conduct propaganda better so, and pass according to the net, will 3 85 flowers will have drama to broadcast March, can be taken by everybody with respect to hard to avoid so quite.

20220225210054 621943865e4ef

Drove what end obtains license successfully in Feburary to act the leading role by Liu Yifei and Chen Xiao namely above all ” dream China is recorded ” , regard the ancient costume of goose as drama, this drama also is open be cognizanced this year ancient costume a drama of 101, also be 16 years are lain between to go out again when Liu Yifei perform teleplay, so many audiences special expect, how is ability of Liu Yifei that fight theatrical work also sealed nevertheless.

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But the netizen is opposite generally ” dream Hua Lu ” value quite, from at present the stock of exposure looks, the quality of this drama is very good still, plus ancient costume drama basic dish, be about to see specific the plot of a play how, if gut is OK, of this drama broadcast a quantity should need not worry.

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The 2nd acts the leading role by Yang Mi and Xu Kai namely ” the 28 law of love ” . This drama already also passed careful, predict to will broadcast in March, it is to go up nevertheless star or net are sowed had not decided. Regard Yang Mi as the main actor’s teleplay, attention is spent need not say, if if be a net,be being sowed so, broadcast a quantity should need not worry, but for the contemporary theatrical work that loves to younger brother of this kind of sister, go up actually the bit is more good.

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The 3rd acts the leading role by Zhao Liying and Luo Jin namely ” go to 10 thousand happily ” , also be already successful obtained license, broadcast on Feburary formerly, but defer all the time again, remit to in March, before this premonitory hopeful CCTV broadcasts, but there is a news again recently, this drama changed east and Beijing to defend inspect sow.

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” go to 10 thousand happily ” of the transition that this drama is known as Zhao Liying make, attention is spent very tall also, plus Zheng Xiaolong add hold, the quality that also yields this drama is having certain safeguard, many audiences also are special expect.

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Pass according to the net, this trilogy can be in Liu Yifei, Yang Mi and Zhao Li Ying to will broadcast in March, although still do not have affirmatory and specific time, but roughly time is inerrable, can bump into archives very likely to undertake fighting each other so. Many people are very so curious also of this trilogy broadcast the circumstance is met how.

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Do not cross this trilogy broadcast platform is different, if be to go up the word of astral drama, it is to spell viewing rate for certain, and if be the word of net drama,should look broadcast a quantity, both between can not compare a gender. And trilogy was included ancient costume, contemporary with practical subject matter, can satisfy the requirement of different audience. See the contrast of new theatrical work that be like is 3 85 flowers so, but had more choices to the audience, still be a favour.

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See the net is passed the new theatrical work of 3 85 flowers will fight each other March, what view do you have? Welcome subjacent criticism, share your point of view together with us.

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