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Original title: She what having name of small Liu Yifei, 4 work are like Zhan Xukai to help strength by Yang Yang, want not fire is difficult “I am the active and optimistic person that create 10 elder sister, bring much angle high quality to analyse detail of movie and TV for everybody ” what is what rice group is short of least of all, be belle of all of one suit, but the approbate or relies on oneself actual strength that many actors can gain an audience, but what must say to rely on fine-looking success to give a group is little still little. So this one relies on fine-looking success to encircle pink namely countless, the netizen still took the nickname of small Liu Yifei to her. Who is she after all, it is king Chu Ran actually!

20220225210133 621943adab7df

Can a lot of people also ask why can she win such titles? So everybody was familiar with Liu Yifei, have very remarkable the characteristic that sucks eyeball is fairy and temperamental good, so king Chu Ran is not exceptional also, namely because take fairy temperament oneself,so everybody calls her small Liu Yifei. Besides, the sort of gewgaw vase that she is not our understanding is placed, if you see the face so so wrong.

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So she also has many work, go out for example had performed these a few theatrical work ” the general is going up ” , ” Qing Pingle ” , ” hello! The mother Yours Excellency ” , besides, still 4 are waited for sow drama to wait to go up line, this resource simply hot do not want. Why to say so hot, hot reason is good besides her oneself resource besides, it is next each have top lumen star to aid blast add hold, this also is to was not sowed first igneous reason.

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The first ” still feed ” , this one king blast work that is this year, had left at 22 days sow. This drama basically is the drama of love ancient costume that by character of Xu Kai, Wu Jin, king Chu Ran, Wang Yizhe, He Ruixian presents as leading role 4 times to act the leading role, what basically tell is to still feed the road of cate of lady-in-waiting Yao Zijin of the bureau how to upgrade play monster, in this during knew Zhu Zhan radical accidentally, unfolded love story thereby. So this drama is mixed besides Xu Kai Wu Jin character besides these two pairs of Cp, chu Ran of king of Xu Kai collocation this one very good also to Cp knock, so what act like that in the Wang Chu in this drama is Su Yuehua, in this drama it is Yao Zijin the adversary that is her also is rival in love.

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The 2nd ” meet season ” leading role battle array also is very powerful, basically be by Lei Jia sound, Yuan Quan, Zhang Yi is promoted, Wang Chu presents as leading role 4 times to act the leading role like that, male 2 still have these 4 Liang Guanhua, Gu Nailiang, Li Naiwen, Zhang Lijia to hold, also be an affection drama. This drama also is the enemy of affection of kind and enmity that told about two acting people, told about how to go facing middleaged crisis and the story that resolve contradiction. So this drama has a window is king Chu Ran and Zhang Yi promote two people to cooperate to still act sweethearts first, this too good to Cp knock, after all these two people do not have Yan Zhi the word said, the 2nd acting also obtained many audiences to approbate.

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The 3rd ” jade bone Yao ” this drama basically is by Xiao Zhan, Ren Min, king Chu Ran, Fang Yilun presents as leading role 4 times to act the leading role, still these two Han Dong, prince surprises not to go out especially act add theatrical work of held a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of celestial being of large ancient costume. What this drama basically describes is when shadow and Zhu Yan this two the individual’s love story. In the king in this drama although Chu Ran is acted is female 2, but also be one is had good looking and talented female 2, most propbably also is the part that allows an audience to shine at the moment for certain at the appointed time.

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The 4th ” my terrestrial fireworks ” this drama basically is Chu Ran of You Yangyang, king the two city that the individual presents as leading role to act the leading role are sweet bestow favor on drama, this drama still is filming at present, the window with this main drama is love of fire control medical treatment perfect union of 3 kinds of elements. Core is nodded or told a men and women advocate how the story of depend on each other of weal and woe. Yan Zhiken need not say surely, acting also is bar bar, so are these two people also a what kind of scintilla first degrees of collaboration can brush? We expect together. Terminal: Tetralogy has had two work to be sowed in heat in, still two drama are waited for sow, looking at present also is to was not sowed first igneous rhythm, each have a lumen star and acting actor collaboration, range estimation of king Chu Ran a dark horse that this is future ah, leave for certain explode fire is not far, how do you look to this, you feel her acting is mixed colour value how, the welcome leaves a message handle a criticism! The article is the 10 individual notions that say movie and TV, those who thank everybody is careful read, oneself state: Picture origin network, the person that all copyright put in original creative work ‘s charge is all, if have,delete instantly, the welcome pays close attention to 10 say movie and TV, always one lets you feel very ~ of a place of strategic importance

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