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Original title: After 10 years ” love apartment 5 ” , hiding the feel sad of adult. ” love apartment 5 ” leave eventually sowed. No matter be drama is medium they, still be reality is medium we. Everybody is in of the life wrap nip to fall, advance upstream. Hu Yifei, still be the appearance of that Biao Han. She is love apartment all the time medium eldest sister is big, have doctoral record of formal schooling, it is teacher lecturer. Her disposition is candid, with the power of a thunderbolt and the speed of lightning. In everyone eye, her all-conquering. But unluckily the soft costal region that Ceng Xiaoxian is her.

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When I still am written down so that she and Nuo billows say he like Ceng Xiaoxian, cry rip a heart to crack lung. But the following day, she pretends again whats did not happen same. She does not want to allow others detection her weakness, she wants to exhaust the person that can protect him place to love only. This is the world of adult probably, pretending ability is the protective color of adult.

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Zhang Wei, still be that hapless appearance. All the time since he is everybody inside most hard, but the most hapless that. He ever said, “If the opportunity is hit to me like raindrop, but I am escaped one by one however. ” he is an orphan, have a smooth haunt cannot again common name. Bridal when his experience is grabbed marriage, the career is not arranged all the time, want to rely on to engrave CD ability to strive for the qualification that becomes a lawyer.

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Again later, he misses an attorney office, but he does not have money,lease office building. Zhang Wei resembles God the child of pitch on, never be opposite because of the destiny his show mercy.

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Lv Ziqiao, do not spend a heart actually. In our impression, the rate that Lv Ziqiao changes a girlfriend resembles changing clothes same. But the Lv Zi nowadays decides to leave in the past, give Chen Meijia the consent of one’s whole life.

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In declare marriage oath when he says: “This schoolgirl beside me, it is the person that I consider to spend the remainder of one’s life in all. It is difficult that I do not know the following life can have many, but I can change myself hard, give her happiness. Give her happiness..

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But the work searchs really hard, hand in bell of dichotomy of out of the question with interview official every time, was brushed go down. Later, lv Ziqiao learns others to do again eat sow sell goods.

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Chen Meijia, it is no longer one foolish little girl of Bai Tian. When encountering, she and Lv Ziqiao jubilate like a pair enemy, make a noise every day, be troubled by every day. Nowadays, she and Lv Ziqiao also married, still conceived darling.

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She tries to accept the change of own identity, the attempt lets him become can outer leaf tall partakes the woman of life weigh. But, she does not give too much help again it seems that on. Beautiful fine can’t help suspecting Lv Ziqiao does an affair.

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Under stretch, she runs to the hospital to want to go abort. The life is full of namely occasionally sneer at, even if goes all out do one’s best, still be the suffering a crushing defeat that can be defeated.

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Ceng Xiaoxian, seem not so cheap. Since Nuo billows after the life that entered him, he is clearer realize Hu Yifei the position in his heart. Then, he professioned to Hu Yifei. Mutual dark two people that love, also received best final result eventually, entered marital hall. After marrying, two people became little each other rancors, much however sweet.

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Think when Ceng Xiaoxian when wanting lingering He Yifei is whole days, received an accident information however. Lead beautiful Sa to say to him, want to help the group outside him broadcasting station of be apt to work one year to A. Ceng Xiaoxian is not willing very much. After all, this is to should leave familiar sweetheart and friend, run to out-of-the-way and the desert with difficult condition. Can consider the or else in his heart willing, also refuse without method. Because all the time since, he is that has on the job press press approach, the person that cannot move. Original, the world of adult is done not have easily refuse, only easily compromise.

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Although went a few people, but also came a few people. Zhao Haitang is a be worthy of the name is rich 2 generation, also be Zhuge Dali’s enthusiastic hunter.

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Just goddess already the heart is belonged to somewhat, went up madly wildly Zhang Wei. To be close to Zhang Wei of rival in love, zhao Haitang is moved into love apartment. In his heart all the time hold back is worn an interest, pledge should grab Zhuge Dali come over. But there is Zhang Wei only in Zhuge Dali’s eye, to all turn a blind eye to that he does. Occasionally money can buy a lot of things really, but love with respect to it’s hard to say.

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Who is Zhuge Dali? She resembles the Hu Yifei of green edition, have already exceed strong cerebra, have fine face again. Hu Yifei evaluates Zhuge Dali so: “Zhuge Dali, monicker ‘ the child of others home ‘ , swing as a child with age person hundreds of streets. She is collective is illuminated in small do not nod, it is the giant in classmate eye however. It is the giant in classmate eye however..

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She left grab, of broken solution password, still can go dance pool fights dance… simply omnipotent, all is perfectness.

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To a such enough and ideal people, what she is short of least of all is beside of the person praise, but most the person that lacks to know her. This person can detection the softness of her adamancy backside, and she, also seeking a such people all the time.

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For repay a debt, she must apply for a job everywhere and do a part-time job, but cannot work a few days every time, be dismissed because of all sorts of reason. , hu Yifei goes buying a cup of coffee in the cafes that curry sauce works. The result operates error because of curry sauce however, white beautiful money bought the thing that one lot does not have. Curry sauce resembles Zhang Wei same, on her body, happen without what favour forever it seems that. Are they bitter? Very bitter. But, find in the life that everybody can force in suffering again one that when belong to oneself is sweet. The problem that all sorts of expect are less than always can be encountered in even if life, but they use hopeful state of mind to face everything from beginning to end, the hope is searched in despair. Ceng Xiaoxian should insist to attend Lv Ziqiao and Chen Meijia to get card to set out again, he should see his good friend is happy soon in person.

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After coming to A Lashan, ceng Xiaoxian and Hu Yifei with respect to open different ground loves mode. But two people want video everyday, lying between screen to still be fed even had a meal. Always have in life appear the change that a few expect are less than, but should only enough patience is faced, all the same OK also be readily solved.

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Be informed the United States fine should go abort, lv Ziqiao became mad like look for her everywhere. In the course that seeks a password, lv Ziqiao also is recalling the unforgettable experience that his He Meijia once produced together. He remembers two people go in beauty fine home, take testimony of competence of registered permanent residence secretly; When remembering two people first time encounters, mutual and generous the ground is each other rescue sb from a siege; …

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Across is beautiful fine also discover oneself are misunderstood actually child tall.

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United States fine feeling gets child tall is true paying for this home, she begins to show sympathy child of tall pay. She abandoned abort, how does He Ziqiao set his mind at of the heart get along. She thinks direct seeding of tall of method outer leaf sells cake, she is with the means of own in one’s power child tall partakes…

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Who can think of, zhang Wei was chased after actually. When Lv Ziqiao He Meijia marries, forgot to take registered permanent residence this, let Zhang Wei come home then take. In road coming home, zhang Wei one not careful bumped into Zhuge Dali. Did not think of this bumps, also bumped into peach blossom to come out.

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Although be the predestined relationship of one side merely, but Zhuge Dali liked to go up however Zhang Wei. Fab. Look in her, although Zhang Wei works when always make confused, but other is super however good, let a person have safe feeling. Later, confess of Zhuge Dali Xiang Zhangwei, two people go sweetly also in together.

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Luo Man Luo Lan has said a very classical word: There is principle of a kind of hero only on the world, after the essence that sees quiet life namely then, have deep love for the life as before. If according to such view, then our everybody can say to go up is a hero. Because we are lived to mistreat everyday, still want to search a silk in agonized life however sweet. Perhaps be to clean healthful moment, abrupt discovery has money below sofa; Perhaps be team of toilet platoon leader when, there is a person to leave suddenly in front; Perhaps be when encountering next wet, company of as it happens still has an empty umbrella… live actually in besides extremely, return the small happiness that a lot of appear suddenly. Their existence, remind us to live actually namely and do not have so flooey. Although they are very tiny, it is the power that supports us to go forth step by step however. Everybody can be born in the person all sorts of bramble and twist are encountered on the road, but also bite Guan Jian of gnash one’s teeth to hold please anyhow. After all the sun tomorrow, still want when the following day just slowly rise… wish you become the hero in the life all the way break through brambles and thorns-hack one’s way through difficulties until see starlight

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