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Original title: Xu Zhengxi goes out act ” beautiful language is endowed with ” , not only ancient costume the appearance of an actor wins support, and acting is online also A drama is worth to bring profit for everybody, that is the ancient costume drama that You Qiaoxin, Xu Zhengxi presents as leading role to act the leading role ” beautiful language is endowed with ” . Go up line 19 days, the accumulative total of this drama broadcasted a quantity to exceed 700 million.

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Must say, role of a lot of women in this drama is very beautiful, it is the beauty that girls have each each not only, and connect small concubine, servant girl people look at find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind. The glad of tall of the person that act of heroine Qiu Yan, she in drama makeup build the temperament that accords with her really, raise one’s hand is cast sufficient the impression that gives a person a kind of soft beauty, because this harvested the affirmation of many audiences.

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Of course, male part also has a characteristic each, like lively and optimistic Song Jin (Zhan Yu is acted the role of) , humorous and humor performance brought many mirth; The Qin Xuan that deep feeling does not move (Liu Ruilin is acted the role of) , popular feeling of childe figure development; Yuan of Lang of idea careful (piece Yi Cong is acted the role of) , for many times the behavior of villain in drama of obstruct makes a person indignant.

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Though the male part characteristic above is bright, but Xiao Wu feels hero Xu Zhengxi is same very suck eyeball, he is behaved not only in drama can encircle can nod, and acting is online also, look together! 1, the appearance of an actor of Xu Zhengxi ancient costume wins support, into drama medium Yan Zhi takes on

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The check school that hero Liang Yi is kindling place makes, young promising, have a boundless future. Although act person Xu Zhengxi already 37 years old, but his the appearance of an actor and part however very stick a face, pretty facial ministry outline, the whole bodily form with elegant demeanour is resembled, let a person see move do not open his eyes.

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From inside drama the Yan Zhilai of male part looks, liang Yi is the delegate of tall Yan Zhi, the netizen expresses: Jab of the appearance of an actor of Xu Zhengxi ancient costume became medium my aesthetic, bother him ancient costume ” solder ” go up in the body. When seeing play, are you had by Xu Zhengxi handsome arrive? 2, it is Yan Zhi takes on not only, acting is online also

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Above all, xu Zhengxi show the alertness that Liang Yi attachs most importance to me personally, and the feeling of power be under one’s control. Next, liang Yi is changing to Qiu Yan’s feeling, we can be experienced from inside the actor’s performance. Liang Yi at first very chill, he Qiuyan is mutual ” do not support ” . And in the process that contacts in He Qiuyan, liang Yi gave birth to the heart of compassion, sometimes inside the eyes play with flashy now system.

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When Liang Yi falls in love with Qiu Yan, he has one’s heart filled with eyeful is the other side, the eyes feeling that bestows favor on be addicted to wants ” pull silk ” . Still have Liang Yi and Qin Xuan ” honest bureau ” , liang Yi shows he likes Qiu Yan, a word is sent from the bottom of one’s heart, expression is quite sturdy also, pardonable give Song Jin touched. 3, Xu Zhengxi: The contemporary ancient costume that install Or

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Actually Xu Zhengxi also is not differred in the appearance of an actor in contemporary theatrical work, still remember him be in contemporary theatrical work ” Xia Jiasan a thousand pieces of gold ” , ” love the true ” medium Yan Liheng, ” love woke up ” the Ji Rufeng in, not only appearance sunshine is handsome, and the person sets warm also heart very circle pink.

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The ancient costume the appearance of an actor of respecting Xu Zhengxi, must carry him to be in ancient costume drama ” alone Gu the world ” in the Yu Wen of personate protects one part, a suit China is taken, classical ” akimbo ” movement, bully gas appears, and he is right be like like Gu alone (An Yixuan is acted the role of) come with affection deep, let an audience see cruel-hearted too division also has limp one side.

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So, xiao Wu feels contemporary outfit of Xu Zhengxi is relaxed not fat, impressions is comfortable, raise a key point with ancient costume the appearance of an actor, are you such thinking?

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Ancient costume drama ” beautiful language is endowed with ” heat up continuously sow, do you seek theatrical work? Do you feel Xu Zhengxi is in the appearance of an actor in drama and expression how? Welcome to leave a message!

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