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Original title: ” between the world ” ending: Temple of Tuo of north of water do as one pleases becomes a monk or nun, belongings turns to Zheng beautiful under one’s name Water take its natural course wants to help Zheng Juan all the time, ceng Shan’s existence did not help Zheng Juan not only among how, return within an inch of to kill him miserable. Ceng Shan was to promise Zheng Juan to won’t appeal obviously, how when makings is sessional temporarily turn one’s coat, even even Zheng Juan is compensated for 10 million, alleged have ulterior motives, ceng Shan knows Zheng Juan is impossible to have so much money obviously, and his purpose is Zheng Juan the hand transfers power mediumly, because Luo Shibin establishs next wills early,give son Zhou Nan all bequest.

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Zhou Nan dies now in the hand that this authority falls in Zheng Juan, zheng Juan is to saved autograph of week of grasping elder brother to fall to make over an agreement more. Ceng Shan thinks he can accede all belongings, unexpectedly peak loop turns, fall in the hand of an ordinary young assistant actually, and all these has a person to hold all the time accuse all these. Water do as one pleases is Luo Shibin’s eldest brother not just, it is Luo Shibin’s most trustful person more, to Luo Shibin the existence that is the grace that has give somebody a new lease on life.

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Itself of water do as one pleases sees Ceng Shan with respect to prep before, never consider this woman actually have an exaggerated opinion of one’s abilities, go harming Zheng Juan actually, water do as one pleases is a person that has ties of friendship originally. Because besmear the business with strong mark is opposite originally,Zheng beautiful ashamed remorses unceasingly, and nowadays she a woman did not have a son, the husband put in prison, of one mind of water do as one pleases wants to help him only, unexpectedly by Ceng Shan temporarily turn one’s coat gives be destroyed, in such his hearts very indignant, he understands what Ceng Shan wants too is belongings, since you want, won’t give you one minute unluckily. Water do as one pleases but firm firm ground gave an evil energy of life for Zheng Juan.

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Ceng Shan’s lifetime also is funny, teen-age moment, follow Luo Shibin to go up too by right of this good looks and youth the delicate life of the rich lady that all schoolgirls envy, nowadays is an all in vain more, so the sky did not drop the matter of pasty, hardheaded still effort lives talent will be promising. Zheng Juan is typical delegate, although experience too rough, but the goodness of lifetime is newspaper having good fortune eventually.

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Be in a few years this of put in prison of week of grasping elder brother, the life that Zheng Juan tries hard desperately is released from prison to wait for the husband namely, and look as water do as one pleases of the manager in the eye, ache in the heart, kiss little sister look upon via regarding Zheng Juan as already in his heart, tough He Yong of Zheng Jun dare make him feel awe-stricken, since Tu Zhijiang after dying. He is early the word of mortals with respect to see through, water do as one pleases becomes the company do greatly strong, zheng Juan gave all equity move later, looked for capable assistant to help Zheng Juan do a company, be released from prison to Zhou Bingkun all the time till. And he himself becomes a monk or nun to boreal Tuo temple, join with Zheng Guangming, he Zhengjuan runs thick-skinnedly to admit actually after Ceng Shan knows close, by young assistant one foot kick flew.

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