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Original title: ” life important matter ” prevue came, the Zhu Yilong in short and young actor Yang En does adversary play have many wonderful? ” life important matter ” prevue came, brief of 1 minute of bells premonitory, touched a lot of people. This film decides archives April 2, the work of movie and TV of subject matter of funeral and interment and tomb-sweeping day also compare do sth for the occasion. ” life important matter ” Zhu Yilong, Yang En adversary makes fun of ” life important matter ” in of Zhu Yilong personate is division of a funeral and interment 3 elder brother, yang En of personate is orphan Wu Xiaowen, they of two people getting acquainted with also is to be on funeral, division of funeral and interment after jail of overbrim of punishment of 3 elder brother, found job of funeral and interment, till the occurrence of little girl, brought new hope to him.

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Though little girl became orphan, but the heart is fervent, be full of sunshine, the 3 elder brother that are released from prison completely with punishment, it may be said is the small sun that God grants him. alleged it is an everything has its vanquisher, the girl is dim in let 3 elder brother have change, no matter be professional manner or unripe vivid manner, had very big change. ” life important matter ” Zhu Yilong, Yang En wonderful part ” life important matter ” premonitory a lot of mediumer person by Zhu Yilong cry soundlessly play place shakes, zhu Yilong, Yang En the language communication of two people is not much, more be the eyes and expression accuse, having extremely strong apply colours to a drawing force. A of the child ” my father calls Mo Sanmei, I cannot be lost ” , let tear of Zhu Yilong instant die, he bears tear by force, did not cry loudly, observe Zhu Yilong’s countenance carefully, explode on forehead the blue veins that go out, all over the face the tear, lip that vibrates slightly showed him entirely the be very fond of affection to the girl, a final hug, it is little girl cuddle in his bosom, really be fond of cherish again sympathetically namely, spark popular tear dot.

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Zhu Yilong, Yang En cries again play takes the place of to feel strong, and expressional language what accuse very reach the designated position, plus tear stream drip, the instant sparked the commiserative heart of everybody. Though Zhu Yilong is the about of old man, all the time since it is thick Chinese appear on big screen at the same time, nowadays ” life important matter ” let him become a father, there also was very big change on show share. ” life important matter ” Zhu Yilong, Yang En placard ” life important matter ” in placard, if Zhu Yilong thinks of the ground to crouch on the ground somewhat, connect expression very disconsolate also, little girl stands in silently aside, but situation of standing position visitting a station, perfect the appearance of a pair of capricious, aloof and proud, the interest that little girl flings caution to the winds this kind, it is to come from at Zhu Yilong caress, also be Zhu Yilong’s love, let little girl become not self-abased.

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Whole placard gives a person a kind of sweet sense, the 3 elder brother of Zhu Yilong personate are too wild really, but the sense that sees in placard Zhu Yilong has kind of pauper eldest brother, the ruffian that brings a marketplace slightly again is angry, inner softness is outside and resolute, with little girl stubborn, form bright contrast. ” life important matter ” to Zhu Yilong it may be said is a breakthrough, also be a of his transition new challenge. Though this film is the work of subject matter of funeral and interment, will look according to current force, a lot of people were full of curiosity, expecting this film show, in life and death parting in feel new tender feeling.

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