Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Long article of reappearance of Zhang Jiuna ex-wife is accuse violence of the home inside its marriage is an extreme

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Late on March 2, ex-wife of Zhang Jiuna of actor of comic dialogue of heart cloud company grows in the reappearance on gregarious platform civil, accuse Zhang Jiuna is put in violence of the home inside marriage to be, she says: “Want us to produce a bit dissension only, zhang Jiuna starts work to me, his friends had seen just hinder to dare not stand to say at face. ” she states Zhang Jiuna is opposite not only him home is cruel, still beat up oneself family, marry from 2016 up to now oneself by the home cruel more than 20, and attach call the police record. She still explodes makings during divorce suit, zhang Jiuna takes away the son be related beside oneself forcibly. Express at the same time: “Zhang Jiuna is very extreme person, vermicelli made from bean starch chases after him, he can look good-looking, parent of name-calling of not good-looking and direct backside gets malformation to wait a moment, work very extreme. Work very extreme..

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It is reported, january, she ever basked in a chatting record accuse Zhang Jiuna is off the rails, no matter the child also does not pay enough allowance,return.

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