Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: ” between the world ” church our what? This ” open year of big play ” be worth the aftertaste really! Present as leading role to act the leading role by thunder favorable reply, Xin Baiqing, Song Jia, Yan Tao, the teleplay of the main actor such as of fourth Yong Dai, Cheng Tai, Sarina, Song Chunli, Sui Junbo, Huang Xiaolei ” between the world ” , because of the beautiful description that its live to Chinese common people, became 2022 ” open year of big play ” ! ” between the world ” causes attention and discuss, be phenomenal class. Market of its every time drama is newer, can get on several to heat up search, can saying almost is the whole people be being watched and discuss this theatrical work. To drama of homebred movie and TV, such achievement is very marvelous really.

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Review ” between the world ” the process that seek theatrical work, have warm and touching hour, have the hour with helpless sadness, also have the hour that take offense, anxious, meaning averages hard. Our mood is met as the change of the development of gut and character destiny generation is fluctuant, also can harvest a few valuable comprehension from which at the same time. So, ” between the world ” church Where is our what? ① keeps kind-hearted: That goodness of most person heart in drama, have appeal very much, no matter be mom of week of father, week, still be Zhou Bingyi, Zhou Bingkun, Hao Dongmei, Zheng Juan, it is the person of inner goodness, even the person that Zhou Rong, Qiao Chunyan has blemish of a few disposition or problem of state of mind so, this their heart also is kind-hearted. Be the goodness of these characters, the story that yields whole department theatrical work is having a lot of warmth and moving place, also let us see from which ” good intentions ” be how important;

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② takes close affection seriously: ” between the world ” depicted feeling is very rich, it included love and friendship, but the close still affection of more expression. Between parents and children, between husband and wife, between brotherly sister, even if has misunderstanding, bias, contradictory hour, also can be in those who kiss affection finally prop up next reconciliatory getting. The affection force of close affection also is brought for us for many times touch, let us realize ” blood is thick at water ” commendable place;

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③ understands a friend: ” between the world ” right ” friend ” depict very sufficient also, be opposite especially ” Zhou Bingkun and his friends ” those who undertook thick Mo Chongcai draw the outline of. We can see these friends are generous aid, the hour of mutual keep an eye on, also can see the heart is unripe between the friend ill feeling to erupt even the hour of conflict, but anyhow, the feeling between the friend is very strong still, but in ” how to get along with the friend? ” on the problem, we should understand this drama church many a little bit, the angle that should stand in the friend more goes thinking with experience;

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④ communicates more: The misunderstanding with actually a lot of mediumer drama and contradiction, although be to stem from dramatic consideration, but also having a lot of problems is OK avoid — premise is communicated more namely. There is what idea in the heart or experience, still had better want to be communicated in time, cannot total hold back is worn or from height cranky, cause misunderstanding and contradiction too easily in that way. Open one’s mind go undertaking communication with the other side, can take a lot of roundabout way less;

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⑤ reads more: A of difference very main reason exists between character of the of all kinds in drama, it is the difference of literacy rate actually. Read, attend a college, accept higher education, learn in the life hard, the person that these let differ had different acknowledge, thought, idea and situation, also let different person have different disposition and destiny. The sort of difference that gets educational degree to bring can be realized deeply when seeing play, also more reflected the value that read;

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For the moment induces first this when, do not know to look ” between the world ” of big ending you, can you feel its church our what?

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