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Original title: The Zhang Qiling that is like Yu Liang and make adult, it is two extremes really, former cruel Shuai Neng is hit, latter and lovely Since be informed ” adult of the fate brings lovers together asks don’t bother to see me out ” 2002 on Feburary 28, after sowing the form of 6 collect in order to connect to broadcast in some video platform, always can see from time to time in a few the closest days to it pertinent information, be alluded among them most is this drama in male advocate with male 2.

20220302160217 621f9509781ae

In respecting drama male advocate peace male 2, but that is having oneself to become famous the character of the part, it is male above all advocate, he is in ” adult of the fate brings lovers together asks don’t bother to see me out I ” the immortal that the identity in is descend to the world be demotinged, can arrive before a few years of conflagration ” Chen Qing makes ” in the center, this say gold that can have golden peacock namely highs. Though come on the stage much without other part, the trace that also leaves because of he and river be disgusted with however is made the same score hard, left deep impression to the person.

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Say for us next male 2 make adult, what he acts in this drama is stage of red a mythical bird like the phoenix drive history makes Yun Chuan, the official that is a standard 2 generation, because be mixed in one’s childhood female advocate had had a few stories, after be brought up so, just can have female advocate the place that be in. Who knows, just came to here, by female advocate domestic person is informed female advocate had had contract, and return saw with one’s own eyes saw so called fiance.

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This, make adult do not sit, called together forces to attend a meeting instantly, saying is the go-between condition that should know place, can be the corner that should dig Chu Ye actually, let female advocate many option, and his that ” interpose does not mind change ” be direct name more, call-overed directly oneself meaning, also was stupefied the someone else in drama, if it were not for makes adult correct in time, he and female advocate the story between is different perhaps.

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After all at that time female advocate, can have not fallen in love with male advocate, and when she sees Xu Yunchuan, ever also had said he grows well, if be in,knowing two people right now ever was green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse, can that this feeling play differ somewhat? Nevertheless, no matter differ to Your Excellency to making for, that is same, because be in ” undermine the foundation ” this one, he is an ace absolutely, what is self-invited, none polite, send a girl to continue, accept the play code that the person comes off work, he is conveniently comes, those who look is all along tall cold male advocate one palm breaks off carriage bad.

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And the lovely part that makes adult but more than these, like what Ma Er ran, do directly laugh or tear open a wall to see female advocate etc, it is one compares really interesting, this can’ts help letting A melon have feeling of contrast of a kind of huge. If say the Zhangqi of the bridge that resemble house is clever,the sense that gives a person is Gao Leng the overmatch wind with handsome cruel model, so the type of childe elder brother that making adult is the sort of cocoa love love, state of mind is good, drop is much, each thing that do is so distinctive.

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Though having on modelling,do not accord with this the portion is lovely, but person acting is fortunately online, just carrying a piece of face that has tall cold temperament on the head, show the sense that cocoa loves, and one of hotspots that such contrast bud also made this theatrical work, after bringing about a lot of people to look, feel to have bit of aspect.

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Because was like Yu Liang to prove a thing with his actual strength, that is without giving thought to namely ” culminating note ” the Zhang Qiling in, return the Xu Yunchuan that is nowadays, he can perform the style that gives his. Do then you like such bridge that resemble house? One can cruel is handsome, OK also the big boy that cocoa loves.

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