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Original title: The relationship is harmonious, society ” talk well “ Foster attentively, equality is communicated, accompany growing these days seriously, teleplay ” between the world ” the frequenter that became small gain to heat up search a list of names posted up to go up. Think of marital family from person physiology, it always can bring a lot of enlightenment to people. For instance, the Zhou Bingkun in drama, it is a goodness simple and honest everyday nobody. Of he and father get along mode, order a lot of arguments in clear family concern. Be in ” between the world ” in, the relation of Zhou Bingkun and father appears a little pigheaded for a time cling to. 20220302160319 621f9547116c2 Picture origin: Teleplay ” between the world ” in play of video check scheme, zhou Jia lives in some city ” smooth word piece ” . Zhou Jiaer often goes ” old style person ” , father week keep in mind just was in the unit is business backbone, disposition is stronger, in the stand by one’s word in the home. Compared with the brother elder sister of scene, zhou Bingkun does not have what existence to feel. In the home, what does he do to be like ” all but ” , elder sister of brother of study be not a patch on is good, the job is first not quite creditable also. He can feel self-abased, now and then sour from ridicule: I am what, the young worker of soy factory, I married to do not have the job, young son’s wife that still takes one child; It is not important that I do not have a face, I lost face to pa Mom. But the feeling that father appears not to care him. The family goes out to pay a New Year call, of brother elder sister outstanding receive unanimous praise, zhou Zhigang is very glad, did not notice Zhou Bingkun falls silently at the back however. Zhou Bingkun wants to make parents satisfactory very much, get father approbate, be in hard all the time. But inherent gruff disposition lets him be not known how to explain this, after parting on bad terms with father, once still did not write a letter to father for a long time. 2 as father, zhou Zhigang also is known not quite how to get along with Zhou Bingkun. 20220302160319 621f95471e0ed Picture origin: Teleplay ” between the world ” video cut pursues occasionally, the heart is plunged into like benefit arrow if he is spoken, “As a child your sister family has learned your elder brother. You are in you the achievement in that class, na Yongyuan is to pour a move in chess or a movement in wushu, is number done not have in the heart? ” in quarrelling, zhou Bingkun spoke a depression eventually long already grievance and unwilling, “You do not comfort me not to say, you spill salt, what word is offensive what do you say, where is fond of where of your dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed… ” father does not know the son is in completely pained what, “What do I say? ” ” be a fact? ” Zhou Bingkun also does not dominate a sentiment again, “Does the fact say with respect to this? Does the fact say with respect to this? ” such looking, zhou Zhigang seems to not be very fond of Zhou Bingkun. And actually, when hearing broken words of talk of a few idle, he stand in Zhou Bingkun for a short while here, defend the son’s interest and reputation. Love is deep between this pair of father and son, what be deficient in, it is to be communicated seriously, with ” talk well ” . 3 art originate the life. In reality, many families kiss child between get along mode, with Zhou Bingkun father subclass is like. The netizen shared his story: The relation of he and father, be similar to father and son of week of grasping elder brother a bit, chat a lot of times, begin in order to care, end endlessly with conflict. Once, two people talk about the problem of finish legitimate child, the opinion is differ, begin to return can calm communicating, the father that does not have him a little while warms up, he does not know rebuke society, shortsighted, egoistic. This netizen says, after annoying, the jumping-off place that oneself can understand father is good, just won’t express feeling, “Another it is the frame work that puts no less than parents, always feel I am not sensible, everyday a child, great experience of it doesn’t matter. ” after a considerable period of time, the relation of he and father becomes a little delicate, when be in alone, can feel awkward even, do not know what to say. Later, two people want to improve this kind of situation, but effects is very small. 4 someone say, ” between the world ” in between Zhou Bingkun and father get along mode, be worth very much actually thoughtful. 20220302160319 621f954728ad2 Picture origin: Teleplay ” between the world ” video check scheme has a viewpoint to mention, the person that is close to the more, easier ” bad volubility ” . If those are not Orphean, it is sometimes blurt out sneer at with satiric, it is casual blow was decided sometimes, “Your study is bad, able still dot what? ” in a few families, parents is not do not be very fond of children, the estrangement in a lot of parentage, as a result of,often be each other won’t ” good volubility ” , do not be good at those who cause communicating. Parents hopes children has prospect, but must know, a lot of children can are attributed to finally ordinary. Do with its some ” the language is violent ” , be inferior to respecting the difference on child endowment, foster attentively, equality is communicated, serious company grows. For person children, the society stands in angle consideration of parents, understand their uneasiness and angst, this also is obligatory course. Much dot is encouraged, nod irratable mood less, resemble a word says in that way, harmonious family concerns, need ” good volubility ” .

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