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Original title: Beautiful language endows with: The whole family of the survive after Qiu Jiajie reunites, paid most person to become outsider however ” beautiful language is endowed with ” big ending times, see big ending is premonitory, knowing is this happy sad still. Liang Yi returns Hou Fu the sight strikes a chord in one’s heart, once the closest beside him, the person that loves most left, remnant he alone Emo, qiu Yan is pulling the hand of a child to see text of a story. Liang Yi and Qiu Yan experience life and death together, each other intention already need not character says, but the love in their life is not exclusive, they have their pursuit. Is so this a what ending after all? Is HE still BE?

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The ending of autumn home person also holds out deep feeling letting a person, gens of autumn family name in all 4 rooms, the 2 houses that sustain an autumn home as a result were become however the most miserable, father the mother is dead, dead, look at other the person of 3 rooms reunites, let a person remember that good person is not long-lived. Autumn home besides Qiu Yi other brother eachs does things in his own way, ascetic ascetic, read read, of indulge in dissipation do not wear all the day, child man it is not to consider enterprising goods, the womenfolk of a family people also be intrigue against each other all the day, fortunately the old lady is in when also be can give Qiu Jiazhang helm. Regrettablly because yuan the circumvent of Lang became a crime between Qiu Jiayi evening official, man hair matchs a woman to be sent into department teaching lane.

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A flock of people that are cocker originally became the most elementary lackey, autumn the old lady is done not have when Qiu Jiaping turns over closed a key point that day, she an autumn home resign to Qiu Yan. Originally most the hope that the Qiu Yan that does not look to go up became autumn home however. Qiu Yan works hard add cross bar assist help, the womenfolk of a family of very fast side autumn home escapes from department teaching lane, she by yuan what Lang forces is final can the identity subsist with Su Yiwan. Be absolved to allow autumn home, liang Yi, Qiu Yan recalled the way of Tian Jiangxiang luck, black female reincarnation, let autumn home person be absolved eventually.

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Autumn home also is survive, one is mixed gather happily, paid most person to become outsider however regrettablly, also do not return autumn home again. Qiu Yan was to abandon Qin Xuan first, although she is not love to Qin Xuan, can be her it is disappoint truly really Qin Xuan’s intention, it is she has negative Yu Qinxuan. It is the fall out of close little sister with oneself again, negative mother place is held in the palm. Every time Qiu Yan wanders on line of life and death, favour has Liang Yi.

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Be absolved when autumn home farewell autumn curtilage when, it is content really it is person blame. After experiencing a life and death, autumn home everybody thoroughly reforms oneself, pledge should weigh Home Zhen Qiu. Regrettablly Qiu Yan cannot return autumn home again however. Because she is Su Yiwan, she is not Qiu Yan already.

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Hold a memorial ceremony for does obeisance to parents she also can go secretly only, for autumn home she did too much thing. Autumn home everybody reviews pair of Qiu Yan eventually once doing, when He Jia wants autumn beautiful be buried alive with the dead at that time, they can lift both hands to hold with. Of Qiu Yan not plan past grudge just is them most the place that is inferior to from ashamed.

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Qiu Yan did not have autumn home this home, the mother of Liang Yi and Liang Yi gave her another home however. One is full of love, understanding, include and free place.

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