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Original title: 2 year ” king bomb play ” lock up ahead of schedule calm, “Grind a sword 10 years ” thunder favorable reply by what so despotic Left 2022 year, ” between the world ” fire alls over great river north and south, this wrote human nature greedy and genial evil years theatrical work, make a few main actors all give a group.

20220302160454 621f95a645430

And still do not have in the audience from when delay comes over among gut, ” meet season ” horizontal sky is born, on each big video pop chart is swept across after the line.

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And in these 2 your work, the thunder favorable reply that appears 2 times continuously became the actor with 2022 the most welcome instantly undoubtedly. Be in ” between the world ” in, zhou Bingkun (thunder favorable reply is acted the role of) cannot place on a par with the eldest brother that becomes a magnifico, more cannot with learn bully elder sister photograph is compared, he does not love to learn, life put down falls, can do the work of soy factory worker only, it is a when prospect does not have most in the home.

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But it is a such children that do not have prospect, taking care of parents all the time however, what only he knows parental body is unwell because made what disease,be, should take what drug, what to lack in the home. About Zhou Bingkun’s discussion, continue to gut to end all the time. Thunder favorable reply takes a such unimportant people successfully held, the mother is insensible after come to, he of that tenderness ” Mom, I thought you do not want me ” make countless audiences broken prevent.

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Real actual strength, want expression to be in the place of the character’s detail namely. ” meet season ” in, jian Hongcheng (thunder favorable reply is acted the role of) leave dozen go all out eventually small successful, be in the affection that when he intends return home after getting fame or money, needs to face eddy of familial kind and enmity, commerce and broken up however. Face the complex sentiment of domestic trouble and foreign invasion, thunder favorable reply used a breathed expression to convey its overall only.

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The person that regard 80 time as the witness person of that paragraph of history and experience, thunder favorable reply is right of this paragraph of history hold nature to having deeper understanding, this also is why to be in the time department theatrical work of that period, the acting of thunder favorable reply almost ” apotheosis ” . Especially personate is written full the part of the story, thunder favorable reply is do a job with skill and ease more. He what took a route 10 years to the main actor from graduation after all, sweet to the acid of life journey as hot as suffering have more experience. 1983, thunder favorable reply is born in a of Liaoning average household, his domestic condition is very short of money, father is worker mother for a time come off sentry duty. When friends talk about him parents, thunder favorable reply is met blush, difficult domestic condition lets him carry for a time do not come at first.

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Ambitious thunder favorable reply pledges secretly, want to earn money more later, want to make parental wind scene smooth. Junior high school when, the study result suffer a disastrous decline of thunder favorable reply, parents is very anxious, ke Leijia him sound looks so that leave however, he has deep love for motion to like to play football, follow a flock of ball friend every day brandish asperses sweat. Finally, glory of thunder favorable reply stopped to learn, became ” small mix mix ” . This also laid certain foundation for thunder favorable reply probably, to disclosing ” ruffian is strong ” part, he holds the ground more reach the designated position.

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Although the parents of thunder favorable reply is disappointed, but do not have throw the helve after the hatchet however him, in be informed thunder favorable reply to be opposite after performing some interest, help him contact everywhere. One day, the parents of thunder favorable reply was informed Shenyang to domestic art school is in action model, interview goes before taking a son. In road, other place of meaning of thunder favorable reply by famous artist Lv Xiaohe take a fancy to, direct him ” took away ” . Day of thunder favorable reply is born with is a stuff that learns a performance, the performance Banlei favorable reply in Lv Xiaohe ” outstanding ” , can get a teacher every day praise.

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Thunder favorable reply also changes former days of careless and casual make a group, begin to consider to remove performance skill seriously. The proposal in Mr. Lv and encourage below, thunder favorable reply entered oneself for an examination Shanghai Thespian institute, succeed with countrywide second achievement pass an entrance examination. Be in the school, thunder favorable reply does not change ” old man ” figure, the mark that slipper underpants vest is him matchs, formed bright contrast with those delicate classfellow. Thunder favorable reply knows him even if to clear away his well oneself, also cannot make introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad song of senior fellow apprentice the temperamental star of that kind of elegant nobility, when going to school, he has decided development way to him casing, take actual strength group.

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When senior fellow apprentice Hu Ge has been in ” strange a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of celestial being sword is passed ” in hold the position of absolutely male one, thunder favorable reply still mixes mark to be in group act among, eating the free box meal that the play staff provides. Passed a few years dozen go all out, thunder favorable reply eventually from group gradual progress pace is costar. 2009, ginseng of thunder favorable reply acts ” Dulala rises duty to write down ” , but the king Luo red that last people remembered lively sunshine only, however nobody notices thunder favorable reply.

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2010, he acted with ginseng of Lin Zhiying partner again ” lone princess dates write down ” , but people remembered handsome Lin Zhiying only as before, ignored him. Although can perform a few minor role in drama only, dan Leijia sound did not complain too much however. To him, can from perform a stage play excessive to perform teleplay, this has been a success. Be known to be to be in by masses place for the first time ” the temptation that come home ” in, personate of thunder favorable reply taste the elder brother that be like.

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But awkward is, did not cause everybody to notice in favorable reply of the thunder when this drama broadcasts, and after becoming famous, people just discovers this in those days heat sows the figure that there is thunder good news in drama. 2012, thunder favorable reply stands in oneself year during sampled eventually the flavor of hero. That year, ” case of gold big disaster ” giving priority to horn ” small northeast ” look for an appropriate actor, and still fail to come down surely to before switching on the mobile phone 10 days all the time, this but anxious became bad director Ning Hao.

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Because leading role is minor northeast characteristic too too special, what he needs to have northeast person is forthright with honest and frank, and person cannot too too Mu Ne, the ruffian in need ruffian is angry, need careless and casual, it is good to still need to give birth to a pair besides leather bursa. Is this a part that body of thunder beautiful volume makes namely? It is under Xu Zheng’s recommend, thunder favorable reply comes to play staff interview, one after chatting, the play staff decides this one part is not small northeast he not is belonged to. Thunder favorable reply cherishs this opportunity very, in be opposite with Tao Hong in the process of play, he nots hesitate by fan of the other side 40 hand and absolutely need not vicarious, it is only achieve first-rate screen result.

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The thunder favorable reply that performs experience without too much film met with many blames, with him himself appearance films this film ” the feeling went Tartarean time ” . The effort of thunder favorable reply did not waste, after the film is shown, harvested many reputably, the name of thunder favorable reply also by the audience people place is hep, he also took the optimal hero of film festival of Changchun of the 11st China by right of this film. Thunder favorable reply is famous, but do not have fire however, even if was to perform hero, most person still does not have a law to remember him. The life summit summit of thunder favorable reply, 2017. This year, thunder favorable reply shares the route on work of 3 main actors, ” white Lu Yuan ” , ” my before half a lifetime ” , ” embroider spring knife ” , each are ” explode paragraph ” .

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Be in ” white Lu Yuan ” in, the Lu Zhaopeng of personate of thunder favorable reply is very pure, serious, dependable, although he has experienced failure but never abandon however, for the good cause that pursues in the heart, he can abandon all. Be in ” my before half a lifetime ” in, chen Jun is unripe for a time by ” scold on hot search ” , countless audiences are calling his broken bits male, countless audiences pharynx does not issue this note.

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The more ” be scolded ” , the success that can reflect favorable reply giving thunder to give birth to this one figure to Chen Jun more actually is modelled, more the acting level that showed him in flank. Give birth to that paragraph of play that fall in love with Ling Ling when Chen Jun especially, thunder favorable reply sufferred all kinds of a middleaged man social go through the mill, be about to press those who bent a waist by heavy pressure the sort of cadaverous feeling all was behaved come out. “Former husband elder brother ” renown head at this point and come.

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From now on later, thunder favorable reply resembles all the way was to leave to hang, resource is better and better, cooperative actor is greater and greater card. To it and come, return the cause that has him himself. ” overtime sky lives together ” in, thunder favorable reply unexpectedly ” have good fortune ” with Tong Liya ” fry removed CP ” , also let him pick up those who removed him again ” Yan Zhi ” . After wanting to know to graduate from the school, thunder favorable reply already very long did not rely on Yan Zhi ” had eaten a meal ” .

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Be in ” peaceful restaurant ” in, thunder favorable reply again instinctive quality goes out act. 2 n/COL the head of a family king carry mountain of black a blind person on the head greatly, sheet sees this title know this part has many to suit thunder favorable reply.

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Be in ” Chang’an 12 time ” in, thunder favorable reply reincarnate became dead person Zhang Xiaojing, dew of face of his whole journey is sending out in fierce eyes murderous look, it is OK to treat a friend slotting tool of two costal region, treating the foe is cruel and evil more. Thunder favorable reply also is depending on this drama, took prize of white yulan magnolia the title of optimal hero. Gradually, thunder favorable reply walked out of a way that does not have a color one time, he but salt but sweet, yi Zhengyi evil, occasionally people feels he resembles ” veteran cadre ” rely on skill to have a meal, occasionally he also can perform colourful everybody of Jing of an affection drama suddenly.

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The part of his place personate, it is ruffian of a street only likely, also may be great villain in drama of a sinister gang, return meeting leap to become business affairs white-collar even, play Lu Zhikuan is praiseworth. Fire the thunder favorable reply later, did not make fun of a big shop sign, he is not made beautiful do not acclaim do not step on others shoulder. To thunder favorable reply, can regretful of his fire too late, 10 years ago, he with respect to this so red.

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