Fri. May 27th, 2022
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Original title: Batman piece 15 years, ying Zihe child meet again, child the pa that become a grandma, ying Zimei arrives to dare not admit As in those days a very significant teleplay, batman piece. But the childhood of many people was recollected, this drama can get the jubilation of more person, the gut that in following theatrical work, cannot guess develops, still having actors’ consummate acting is not divided. Giving everybody to leave deep impressional is these young actors. Young actors had not sufferred the training of one a complete set of, act however let everybody carry not be out of order, this follows a director realistically, the actor’s effort is not divided.

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Batman piece this drama nature is around move child those who spread out, be in in those days in more teleplay, ” child ” this name establishs to go alone especially quite, because this is in one’s childhood we also are to be able to look so that understand. And in drama, child face heavy difficulty, those who insist to revenge for oneself family member this kind holds to also is to let countless people use a facial expression.

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There still is a part that has to carry in drama, that is flower child. In those days this little girl, look at effeminate, however can for belief resolutely be on vengeance road. She ability in swimming is very good still follows ” devil ” people spread out very wonderful right definitely.

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Flower child be of personate of Wang Sha Sha. This young actor authority is not new, no matter be batman piece still pass outside Wu Lin, she is having wonderful show. Had gone for years nowadays, she also became old girl from the girl, not only such, return be counterattack type to grow, facial features grows, eyebrow key point is fine, carry bit of cosmetic again, it is goddess simply.

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