Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Who looks dizzy? ” meet season ” how is loan contract of Zhang Lixin to return a responsibility after all? Think oneself record of formal schooling is OK still originally, how the move is unapt also connect a teleplay to look not to understand, looking true still now is, speed makes a face. Teleplay ” meet season ” it is a familial kind and enmity piece, begin told about its origin to us, as the propulsion of gut, we also slowly the determination that understood Ning Shu to must revenge.

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In newest gut, ning Shu sets bureau combination Zhang Lixin to be guaranty in order to establish new large building, from ability always over there borrowed 80 million, and make Zhangli new escaped, an awful mess that left one lot gives the Jian Minmin of the have an exaggerated opinion of one’s abilities. We are passed from the back premonitory see total be ashamed into anger made gift Ning Shu spank, still saw Jian Hongcheng made gift total person spank.

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Anyhow is all sorts of hitting, someone looked not to understand, knowing after all is how to return a responsibility, how is the contract of loan gotten. Zhang Lixin is a partner of the company only, want borrow or lend money, and still be be guaranty with the ground of the company, so certainly will should pass additionally two partner, namely Jian Minmin and Jian Hong pursue, but the gut before acts came out, they do not agree. Because the partner of this loan signs,the contract is false, zhang Lixin is forged, and Ning Shu knows, the idea that peaceful still excuse me gives out makes him so dry.

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Why is Ning Shu still met by ability always hit spank? At ability always for, was Jian Hongcheng to return establish new group, still went up his money, he also does not have a law happy, because this leaves the profit that acceptance of peaceful excuse me gives him a lot of poorer, he feels he mixes figure of eldest brother level, became Ning Shu’s gunman, in the heart very uncomfortable, have kind of feeling that the ship crosses in the ditch.

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For Yu Ningshu, be being hit is not evildoing certainly, if if let always just know all these,he is engineered, that ability ruined sth. The grievance when be being hit still wants to install, it is acting clique after all, in ability always before acting in a play also is not two.

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Jian Hongcheng should not be in of Ning Shu unexpected, jian Hongcheng does not know to be able to come back really when he plays this dish of chess, but it is him not to come back now, ning Shu should get brief home, jian Hongcheng can be a person that does not wind, early contact it may not be a bad idea.

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If Jian Hongcheng did not appear, so all conception according to Ning Shu, take ground to establish new group to be finished. If Jian Hongcheng appeared, still go up money, so good, everything is placed on the desktop, morning and evening has so a day, never mind is good be afraid of, ning Shu becomes a bit feeling to be done not have to Jianhong, scruple exclusively namely the elder sister’s feeling, for overall situation consider, estimation also can abandon.

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Right now Ning Shu is close to a success the more, become madder.

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