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Original title: ” still feed ” 3 days are defeated 100 million, public praise closes inspect double bumper harvest, force of the female in drama is become ” focus ” ! ” still feed ” after sowing 3 days cut 100 million viewing rate come over like carry everything before it. Public praise heat rushs continuously ” between the world ” .

20220302160703 621f9627d2889

With Chinese tradition cate culture gives priority to the ancient costume drama of the problem this, what promoted traditional culture not only is broad and profound, more the spirit that shows a these culture backside in drama, attribute archaic female part alone between save oneself to be saved with each other. The woman is like the mean and worthless time like duckweed, ” still feed ” be in however still fed Gong Wei audience to open a pair big female advocate independent picture scroll.

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So what distinctive place does the woman role in this drama have? It is above all around be in female advocate 3 sisters Yao Zijin of the center, Su Yuehua, Yan Caiping 3 people. Their respective identity is become fan, experience is quite much, the path of the drink food of 3 people also is begged somewhat each, respective diverse and confused.

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As heroine ” Yao Zijin ” intelligent, disposition is complaisant style of conversation is refined, although do not show what hill dew behaves to do not have ambition, however idea is exquisite and OK the problem that discovers in the cookbook sheet that still feeds palace the emperor taste is frail, can the problem of inappetence of prince of suit the remedy to the case, not take credit to oneself is prideful, it seems that Yao Zijin is paid no attention to to wealth and position of scholarly honour and official rank, add what still feed palace to choose into Gong Can it seems that beautiful be said like her truly: If I do not come, my father is about to forcing I marry a person!

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Be opposite from her between the friend good-tempered include again, regardless of trival matters, the circumvent to her person she more take a fancy to ” and ” this one word, after the friendship between the woman in palace does not remove deliberate like duckweed classics, but the wind unboiled water that she can live however rises, vivid clarity reason. Although be in lowliness personally,cannot drop however ambition. Her independent character lets an audience have to her identity quite much guess, this is probably ” still feed ” stay for everybody ” be concerned about ” !

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” Yan Caiping ” one’s previous experience is low-down, ancestors bears the stain of betray party, carry all one’s life do not start, suffer all kinds of cool detachment to distain as a child, but she is seamed in mud from beginning to end in of do all one can climb climbing, she is pretended to be kitchen the hope that enter palace can get a chance, cast off hangdog census register, do not beg stand out, beg only can hold his head high look up below sunshine, it is the breeding that she does not have Yao Zijin and knowledge only, she is accordingly actuation self-abased. Because took a lot of pain, what so she knows that Gan Tian is not easy, be in so ” still feed ” in she more praise highly is mixed sparely deal with concrete matters relating to work, give ritzy food with the cheapest cooking that feed capable person. So that her persistence and unwilling ambition made this bright person.

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The 3rd heroine ” Su Yuehua ” her person is set very at odds, can say offspring of hutch of name of her one’s previous experience is having extremely high talent, having oneself understanding to archaic cookbook ancient codes and records, however add of place of book of unwilling Yu Dian, she is having taller pursuit, but she this individual is very complex, to her mother those ” stain ” , she very self-abased, so to hutch art the effect that pursuit and ambition should have palace of her mother Meng Shang, also be a poor person presumably.

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They the friendship of 3 sisters appears commendable in frozen palace, can bury next foreshadowing for the burst from the back again however. The friendship of 3 people always shows jam, what is to differ to be seek, I think follow-up meeting is more wonderful.

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In what this a few concentration appear Hu Shanxiang of prince grandson the wife of a prince, she is in tiredly in palace but feeling making a person is the same as experience, she is the highly skilled doctor that an aid world helps a person originally, for familial promote be defeated to go up alone once free lifetime, strand all one’s life at the corner honest absurdity.

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And ” Meng Shang palace ” also be a poor person. Common people saw her right only, however the hardships that have not sees right backside place is paid. In this she does not have a mother without father in deep palace without child, take the place nowadays step by step with oneself. In her heart powerful control oneself. A woman is stupefied is to use his both hands to seek the record that get an official, protected low ” still feed palace ” in remittent slave-girl of thousands of slave. To hutch art preach gives job, meng Shang is fed dispel doubts with the old saying only ability of spread the world carries forward benefit 10 thousand civilian. None miserly and cherish pattern. Role of woman of 3 view fictile has power very much really!

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” still feed ” in the woman that sees is different before in ancient costume drama, they are in save oneself each other is saved in implementation ego, they have a thought to have ambition more, they are independent and powerful, in the system of royal grade forbidding, they realize ego in starting a career, realize culture of Chinese traditional cate accede and innovate. So ” still feed ” public praise clears away double bumper harvest to be able to say is true fact returns to the name.

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