Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: Does 2022unblockapp love to surprise art video Liu herd ” cure emperor ” ? ” cure emperor ” present as leading role to act the leading role by Liu Mu, told about Zhang Zhong scene to be in familial and downfallen later go to somewhere for shelter hangs aid hall with great concentration to learn medical skill, inspected gold archives is defended to broadcast solely in Henan on March 3, 2022, and synchronism is in love surprises art broadcast20220302160813 621f966d412f3Does 2022unblockapp love to surprise art video Liu herd ” cure emperor ” ? ” cure emperor ” tell about in the Christian era 150 years, zhang Zhong scene gives birth to cure emperor at Henan Nanyang. Its father Zhang Zonghan as the imperial court drive history relieve the people in disaster saves a person to turn over the Zhang Jia that be brought about by frame a case against to suffer however destroy the door. Year young Zhang Zhong scene follows renown cure Zhang Baizu learns medical skill. All previous classics is rough, the aid world highly skilled doctor that the muddled teenager that avenges from an of one mind gradually grows to imagine crock aid world for. Face what eunuch Liu Qi mixes personal enemy to be measured high to chase after kill, face Zhao of senior fellow apprentice to cheat circumvent, he is bearing funeral wife funeral child painful, sufferring the eye that common people suspects, in the affirmation that world wins of the again and again gradually after curing difficulty disease to suffer from. And he himself also is in this all the way the path that what understanding in growing just is real benevolence medical service. In experience major issues of principle, after volt rising and fall since, he decides finally to put in concealed mountain forest ‘s charge, medical skill of research of with great concentration, cure the sickness to save the patient. Write finally ” harm miscellaneous disease is talked ” , circulate up to now.

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