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Original title: ” still feed ” 4 large parts invert, yao Zijin intelligence quotient gets offline, su Yuehua becomes bad person ” still feed ” it is one is sowing the ancient costume Li Zhimei in to feed drama in heat. Presenting as leading role to act the leading role is character of Xu Kai, Wu Jin, told about the girl Yao Zijin with mysterious one’s life experience, selected still feed bureau lady-in-waiting, with Zhu Zhan radical encounters, the story of acquaintance, bosom friend. Looked recently the gut of a few collect, the author is a little confused, because the 4 large parts in drama invert, yao Zijin intelligence quotient gets offline, su Yuehua becomes bad person.

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Invert one: Zhu Gaoxu serves as 2 sons of Zhu Di, where doesn’t he differ than eldest brother Zhu Gaochi. Even if be on the history, zhu Gaochi still also is frail and sickish, watch Zhu Gaoxu to often accompany Zhu Di fight north and south on many fronts however instead, stand left illustrious meritorious military service. So, zhu Gaoxu establishs Zhu Gaochi to feel for prince to Zhu Di refuse to obey, and still thinking a way embarrass Zhu Gaochi. Accordingly, in drama, he ought to be one bad after all great villain in drama just is opposite. However, will look according to showing the gut nowadays, zhu Gaoxu does not have the author however in the imagination that kind can’ts bear. Still have the tendency that transforms toward good way even.

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Invert 2: Hu Shanxiang common saying says: “Person if name ” ! This word is used on Hu Shanxiang’s body also is do sth for the occasion. In this drama firm at the beginning when, hu Shanxiang is one traitorous and the person that has independence to ponder over ability. This, defy the imperial concubine that becomes Zhu Zhan radical from her only, can see. However, make progress as gut, hu Shanxiang not only no longer kind-hearted, she still transformed the viewpoint with original oneself, begin to wanting how to just can be of Zhu Zhan radical beside stand firm. What must say this can have acid interest extremely really is big invert. After all, zhu Zhan radical can begin Hu Shanxiang of detest and reject, turn and like Yao Zijin. Almost all is the suffer from one’s own actions because of Hu Shanxiang.

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Invert 3: Yao Zijin Yao Zijin is a drama daughter, assumed name was used when entering palace, actually her real last name is called Sun. On the history, yao Zijin replaced Hu Shanxiang’s position successfully finally, became the queen of Zhu Zhan radical. Say so, her method nature is cannot small gaze. But be in new the plot of a play, yao Zijin intelligence quotient got offline. Not at all as firm at the beginning that kind intelligent. Above all, when Hu Shanxiang of prince the wife of a prince punishs Yao Zijin, yao Zijin bunts: “Hu Shang is fed, it is nevertheless by detest and reject of place of empress empress or imperial concubine of the first rank just ” next, small defend king when aspersing food on the ground, yao Zijin actually dare the following go against one’s superiors, take everything into one’s own hands lives small protect the hand of king, all over the face education of criticism of fierce look ground is small defend king.

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Invert 4: Su Yuehua regards Yao Zijin’s boudoir as honey, su Yuehua can weighs complete theatrical work most a person of grievance. Above all, she cannot admit with maternal photograph. Next, she is used by hellion. Finally, yao Zijin is in estrange gradually she. Will tell by the truth, with Yao Zijin’s humanness, it is absolutely does not do the business that gives harm another person. But in the gut recently, person of Yao Zijin addle, not only cruel, and the hand is hot. Come, she to be on hutch art get victory and by hook and crook. 2 come, she is opposite herself gradually close friends’ enmity, change into firm.

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Those who sum up the place on Zhu Gaoxu, Yao Zijin, Su Yuehua body to happen a series of inverting is temporary. But Hu Shanxiang differred somewhat, she can go down continuously so all the time, also cannot change again time originally that she. As to its because Central Plains has and a bit onlier, that is she fell in love with Zhu Zhan radical, can be Zhu Zhan radical has not loved her however. So, be this kind of torment that love and does not get, make Hu Shanxiang’s change bigger and bigger, cannot go against more and more.

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Above is ” still feed ” 4 large parts invert, yao Zijin intelligence quotient gets offline, su Yuehua becomes the material detailed information of hellion

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