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Original title: Look ” between the world ” hind I am empty, play the costar actress that gives a mark high, also should have a full name Jiangsu is defended inspect ” between the world ” sowing in heat, and CCTV ” between the world ” receive big final result eventually, two market are true finally it is to earn sufficient audience people tear, zhou Bingyi is an official with clean hands, result become famous retreat, arrive hand in hand with Hao Dongmei old. Cai Xiaoguang accompanies Zhou Rong to return Guizhou, the person arrives old age, the heart did not change first, really precious. That one act that Zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan stroll to go up in the driveway finally let an audience see what calls true happiness, this is the most satisfactory big final result in audience heart. ” between the world ” in these updated days, the audience is fact of the real situation feeling ground is enmeshed in gut, follow a part to experience the joys and sorrows between the world, after seeing be over bureau, can’t help feeling a heart in deserted, do not know below one should chase after what teleplay for a short while. And the mainest reason or because ” between the world ” give an audience impression honest too too deep, especially the actor in drama very can act, field field shows a schoolbook type acting, the keep in mind of week father week of personate of fourth brave another name for Taishan Mountain just was completely ” Chinese type father ” true portraiture, mortal before look at 3 children, the full happiness on the face, had not said ” love ” , but each it is deep father love. Still have the week mother Li Suhua of Sa Rina personate, mortal before the eyes is abrupt and clear and bright, follow Zhou Fu silently to leave the world, sa Rina is exquisite and the acting of rich appeal lets a lot of audiences shed silent tears. And besides fourth Yong Dai and Sarina, ” between the world ” the minor role that still a few pull tall acting to give a mark also should have a full name, be worth the affirmation of the audience. Jin Yueji should say ” between the world ” in the Jin Yueji that the person with the oldest structure should belong to Song Chunli personate, true national cadre, connect all one’s life fully open-minded, wholehearted devotion to public duty, it is the demonstrate lamp on road of Zhou Bingyi official career. But because the Jin Yueji of early days families status reason and Home Zhou contact are not much, owing to Zhou Jiayou place, mortal when the leader in Jin Yueji and province talks, the manner is neither haughty nor humble, what every actor’s lines can reveal one’s previous experience to be a cadre is spell able with reason. But when the request that is released from prison before putting forward to allow Zhou Bingkun red-letter day, old lady expression transforms, gentle and the heart of audience of smile straight jab that takes lowliness slightly, this extremely principle strong veteran cadre is once owing the Zhou Jia that pass is low first, really touching, chunli of the Song Dynasty is Jin Yueji’s having affection has really justice give perform work. Song Chunli’s acting is actually far more than and such, in ” group of itinerate procuratorial work ” in the Hu Xuee of Song Chunli personate is in commend wrist was cut on congress, die after that the deathtrap is catching He Shuguo, rancor and insanity are completely in the eye, cry greatly ” still my son ” , it is one makes a scene completely, the marketplace old lady of act shamelessly. Be worthy of is a country one stage actor, song Chunli mood provides old show framework extremely erupt force, acting blast is cracked. The Qiao Chunyan of personate of yellow small bud is in Qiao Chunyan ” between the world ” in it is Zhou Bingkun all the time of one pedestrian ” atmosphere takes on ” , for person enthusiasm clear, early days helps for Home Zhou a lot of, but disposition of the Qiao Chunyan in later period gut more and more Babbitt, break to divide the thing of the room and Zhou Bingkun to be troubled by, inform against Zhou Bingyi with Cao Debao even, be enraged audience fist is closely. But in last concentration, when seeing party of week of everybody of grasping elder brother, tear of face of tall spring Yan Man, the mood that looks at the one act regret before seems should spill over screen. Also be when confabulate of the Qiao Chunyan after returning the home and son repent completely in the eye, tear stops not dwelling place shedding comes down, she realizes her error deeply eventually, terrified terrified ground looks at a floor, yearn for once friendship, also yearn for once kind-hearted and enthusiastic oneself, who has not erred muddleheaded when? Huang Xiaolei also lets the past that the audience saw he is regretful, acting is honest too masterly. Not only such, huang Xiaolei still has explained the part of a lot of types, no matter be warlike play ” azalea ” Li Meiyan’s sober secret service Xuan Yi, or ” Qingdao past ” in the small that dare love to dare be hated is deduced to get thorough popular feeling by Huang Xiaolei, acting is in actress of the corresponding period also be be among the best of candidates. Hao Dongmei ” between the world ” in the typical delegate that the Hao Dongmei of Sui Junbo personate is intellectual female really, be learned and courteous, virtuous and kind-hearted, silently rearward is accompanied and supporting Zhou Bingyi. The Hao Dongmei in big ending is guarding Zhou Bingyi as before, with his circumnavigation, hear Zhou Bingyi to speak in those days lovers’ prattle, hao Dongmei expression is cold-shouldered, but smile was full of happiness however. Years leaves a mark on her face, but look not to decrease fraction however to Zhou Bingyi’s love, sui Junbo engraves Hao Dongmei’s happiness deeply in the brain of the audience. The acting of the Sui Junbo in drama lets an audience shine at the moment, but actually she still goes out had performed a lot of an excellent work, exploded last year money theatrical work ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” in the Pei Nawei of Sui Junbo personate is high and elegant, come on the stage let an audience move not to open his eyes, appropriate of appropriate of ancient costume modelling is taken hold, it is to perform what to resemble really. The Zhou Bingyi of personate of Zhou Bingyi Xin Baiqing is absolutely ” between the world ” in big ending ” the pen that nods eyeball ” , zhou Bingyi for spare no effort in the performance of one’s duty of national cardinal principles of righteousness, at the same time Zhou Bingyi also carries the responsibility that had Home Zhou friend. Last concentration, zhou Bingyi fulfilled official career mission, see worldly landscape with Hao Dongmei, grizzled, the figure is angular, but be reluctant to leave the ground to look at auspicious land however. Mention when oneself lifetime, did not regret in Zhou Bingyi eye, affable ground admonishs brother little sister cherishs a sweetheart and have deep love for a country, at this moment the Zhou Bingyi that Xin Baiqing is big common righteous cause, let the experiences people cadre belief with cogent audience and spirit. Regard a country as one stage actor, xin Baiqing blends in him each part in, for instance he is in ” bewitching cat is passed ” in when the Li Bai of personate is making a poetry from most begun passion is insurgent arrive not to have arrange absently, arrive again disconsolate later Bei sorrows, a series of mood changeover are natural and exquisite, see through official career, him Li Bai that sees through a destiny namely simply, acting is beyond question. Altogether, ” between the world ” the success is by no means accidental, the joys and sorrows between the world is shown to the audience by camera lens before, actors give each role infuse the soul, even if costar, also be to rectify department theatrical work to be short of one cannot exist, each should have a full name. Also hope homebred teleplay can give actors of these character of outstanding and middleaged play more chances go showing actual strength, picture ” between the world ” use a part to move with work truly euqally audience. So do you feel ” between the world ” in whose acting most let you shake?

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