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Original title: Mango stage collects treasure! ” my love and stars ” depressed tone heat is sowed, 6 collect a string of 1 sufficient audience appetite Should say to wait for in sowing contemporary theatrical work most suffer what the audience expects to should be belonged to ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” , be like affection of bend of battle, Yang Zi to deduce music is talented woman and surgery advocate the love story of knife doctor, this set light wants to let a person want to stay up late seek theatrical work. Regrettablly is, ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” in October 2019 the portion has released forerunner prevue, this very fast thinking that can go up line Hunan is defended inspect broadcast, after thinking of experience decides archives to withdraw file again, did not come out up to now good news, keep long in stock two years many, really lift up or let down with a rope became enough the appetite of the audience. Nevertheless, although do not have when ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” , etc came the new theatrical work of mango stage ” my love and stars ” , without too much conduct propaganda, depressed tone heat is sowed, only 6 collect harvested a lot of audiences reputably, look mango stage is to collect treasure. So is this theatrical work so nice really? Female star of a gleam of and new personality singer, the love that recreation encircles is too good crack with teeth in mouth ” my love and stars ” told about female Xing Xinchen of a gleam of (Zhang Nan is acted the role of) public praise drops greatly, confront career crisis, become new personality singer to bring small island act against one’s will (Yao Chi is acted the role of) assistant, two people do not make do to brush a scintilla from each other. As a city sweet bestow favor on drama, ” my love and stars ” it is will contemporary audience loves really ” eat melon ” heart of the Eight Diagrams is taken directly hold, amuse the circle is setting, the love story of star is wonderful tease again, aed string of 1 the appetite of the audience completely rise. Female advocate Xin Chen is female star of hot a gleam of, when coming on the stage, be numerous star holds a month in both hands simply, dress is luxuriant, self-confident about ases if is domestic edition ” 1000 eulogy Yi ” . After misapprehensive boy friend breaks off a leg, xin Chen comes sadly to the cinema, encountered the new personality young singer that will see a movie likewise to bring small island, dan Xinchen thinks An Xiaoyu is his vermicelli made from bean starch by accident, easy still close according to, be full of dramatic acquaintance to tick off the curiosity that has an audience, cannot help expecting two people the next time meet. Did not make an audience disappointed, two people are encountered again in program tiring-room, xin Chen still thinks An Xiaoyu is ” bastard meal ” , dog intentionally oneself, loath sign to him, return serious ground say: “Discipline of small off year such but bad ” , and one face does not have An Xiaoyu language, it is him what will enter a program obviously ineffable be taught, awkward spot is to make audience laugh not vivid really. Suck eyeball besides emotional line, ” my love and stars ” the true portraiture that works to actor in drama also is a hotspot dye-in-the-wood, for instance male advocate An Xiaoyu autograph makes an appointment with a company to want to set his mind at to write song only, but agent recommends him to attend put together art to the utmost however, this setting jab became medium how many ” career pink ” the heart of the audience. Still have female advocate Xin Chen is misunderstood because of the program by audience angry gush, dai Yan, activity cancels entirely, because the autograph did not expire about, the company hides her snow, on one second still is big star, below one second became target of public criticism, honest too true. Complete an actual strength clique, female star figure is without Zhang Nan to violate and feel ” my love and stars ” choosing horny side is sincerity really full, say female view Nan first, not only facial feature is conspicuous, acting also is to be able to be encircled can nod, in ” bright lanthanum is passed ” , ” green ” in waiting for drama, reflect somewhat. And it is this in new theatrical work, zhang Nan general female advocate different position of Xin Chen is shown incisively and vividly, outer Xin Chen makeup look is delicate, when talking with hostile actress, she leans on the door gently, one kind is paid no attention to despise feeling, the eyes was full of aggressiveness, cold say: “Who has lot with you? ” , self-confident aggressive, the feeling of big star came out at a draught. And when getting along with the friend in the home, xin Chen showed limp one side, hear a friend to say he is thin, holding a face in both hands immediately, smile asks aglitter: “Did I become thin? ” , expression was full of expect, female star also can have state of mind of young woman student now and then, lovely true, two kinds of condition are optional switch, zhang Nan’s acting lets an audience shine at the moment. Besides female view Nan, male advocate Yao Chi’s expression makes an audience surprizing, although love a beans to choose him of beautiful one’s previous experience to perform experience to be not abounded, but the An Xiaoyu of his personate in drama is a new personality singer, part and oneself joint are spent tall, won’t let an audience completely give play. There is one act in drama, an Xiaoyu and agent talk, the manner is condescending, smile sunshine, there is a ray in the eyes, as if to be full of self-confidence to future, the person of new personality young singer of high-spirited and vigorous sets the instant to stand. Still have in female advocate to his be good at teaching, when wanting to let him trade a company, an Xiaoyu is looked at female advocate, lean on a stick is worn chin, taking a casual interest, a of the temperamental appropriate appropriate with handsome ruffian ” small wolfhound ” , let an audience very hard do not love. Be worth what carry is, ” my love and stars ” in return those who have Li Saiyang to join in, in ” pay a formal visit palace advocate adult ” in the villain in drama of his personate laughs innocent the impression that left profundity to the audience. It is this in new theatrical work of Li Saiyang personate male 2 Xin career has, the modelling that business suit change walks on is full ” abstinency wind ” , gas field is powerful, li Saiyang and elite person are set perfect agree. Altogether, ” my love and stars ” in recreational group element sucks eyeball, integral atmosphere is relaxed, men and women advocate emotional line is interesting, it is a city that sees inaccessibly sweet bestow favor on drama, considerable sex is strong, be worth to look. Additional, yan Zhi of the main actor in drama, acting is online, want follow-up the plot of a play only not dog blood, have become explode of the paragraph go qualitative. So do you feel this theatrical work is nice?

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