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Original title: It is to act likewise ” celestial being sword ” , 4000 the belle is put with 85 flowers look together, difference came out In recent hot search crack, wave see such: “The belle went out 4000 act ” celestial being sword 4 ” , the road is appeared makeup be enraged to wave by assist celestial being. ” message, have the netizens of filter lens to celestial being sword, cannot help sucking an air conditioning. “Beg do not destroy ” 3 words had hanged mouth edge. People acts in a play can says to change a face, bring up elder sister to change clothes only. But, should say ” celestial being sword ” it is good that the actor acting of series has many, also not likely. Act after all ” celestial being sword 3 ” 85 flowers, 4 occupied three. Be in those days only they just went out before long, had not become discharge delegate, although acting is puerile, but match with the part fortunately, also show a few minutes later rare instinctive quality and clever spirit. Also accordingly, as the elapse of time, “Celestial being sword ” also became them to act art the existence that the can in career weighs Bai Yueguang. Much little theatrical work having a place holds the person’s meaning in both hands. Compared with ” celestial being sword one ” , collect became neat the ancient costume such as 85 flowers and Hu Ge, Yuan Hong, Huo Jianhua is small unripe ” celestial being sword 3 ” , probably the countryman is spent not so tall, but the childhood white moon that also is a lot of people. Connect titbits to also can let a netizen look to laugh. Look again now ” celestial being sword 3 ” , besides dozen of dazzling strange clue besides, it is patted best, still be affection. And the disperse that those who tell is affection and heartbreak. Wraparound rise with respect to a word — cruel. If want to be generalized simply, ” celestial being sword 3 ” those who tell is search 5 spirit bead, defeat celestial being of sword of evil of culminating big BOSS, save the story of the common people. And love line, it is undoubtedly inside weight is the heaviest. Celestial being a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct is ancient occasionally many cruel is loved, ” celestial being sword 3 ” not exceptional also. What it does not tell love is satisfactory, use love however and do not get, will discuss the value of affection. Drama is for instance medium most the CP of cruel heart, xu grows Qing Yuzi Xuan. ? Grow the love of Qing Yuzi Xuan, crazy in drama pestered 3 unripe sansei. generation he is Gu Liufang, the 2nd world he is forestry is made the same score, sansei he is Xu Changqing. Sansei is ascetic person, this also the ultimate mission that analogy showed him is Xiu Xian, get. And violet Xuan, the identity is later generations of the mother of the earth, female Wa. This answering the heart is common people common people, be obsessed with for love from beginning to end however. Say normally, this two people all do not have a predestined relationship with affection. Xiu Xian is gotten, the heart fastens the common people, it is to seek righteous cause, and the person that in every case seeks righteous cause, must destroy mostly affection absolutely desire. Love, be give place to cardinal principles of righteousness. However, it is two such people unluckily, however each other gives birth to a sincere feeling. Grow the love of Qing Yuzi Xuan, it is crazy, also be regret. Crazy in, 3 unripe sansei love a person only. Regret is in, love each other to cannot be together however. But look toward deeper administrative levels, this crazy with regret backside, it is however ” path ” with ” affection ” rich weichis. He Weidao? Save the common people, sacrifice is small I am small, exchange terrestrial peace and tranquility. This also is Xu Changqing’s path. Regard Sichuan hill as child, fall bewitching eliminates the demon, own job that saving the common people is Xu Changqing, also be him ascetic the way that must want into celestial being. He intelligent root is deep, realize fast, in the cautious and conscientious on own job, it is god-given ascetic wonder. Can be in his heart, have a paragraph however by the memory of seal: Before the love of generation and violet Xuan. Seal is remembered, it is to make him absorption and ascetic; But later, the way is long people the test that wants to let him experience path and condition again, then, solve again sealed it. As memory little recovers from an illness, xu Changqing just realizes he has many to the affection of violet Xuan deep. Then, a problem places in him before: Be to want ” ascetic into celestial being ” still want ” is children condition chief ” ? For the first time, xu Changqing chose love. He and violet Xuan, had a paragraph brief be in love with, still gave birth to a daughter, green. However, celestial being of sword of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease is attacked face the world, he must carry Shandadi removing Sichuan again child mission, press down bewitching tower to chain, must collect Qi Wuling bead, bead of this poor finally fresh and juicy, it is green. He faces a choice the 2nd times — between close affection and path, how to choose. If want to save the common people, must sacrifice daughter. If choice father female situation is difficult, have to abandon righteous cause. Look be like have two choices, but have so that choose really? Loving female heart to cut is the person’s instinct, but the sense of responsibility with powerful heart lets him do not have common people of method buy the world at disregarding. Although direct the regret to make up for an audience, still let blueness relied on comforter bead to live to come down, look be like is perfect sermon. But in be in a dilemma when, xu Changqing still chose sacrificial daughter after all. Spoony be like violet Xuan, persistent 3 unripe sansei, just look to sansei clear, it is ascetic that Xu Changqing is destined person. And the length that experiences sansei condition disaster dear, also must admit, no matter how oneself escape, cannot abandon him heart ” path ” . Final, 2 people decide to put down mind hold read aloud, help sb to fulfill his wishes each other, reason makes an appointment water is indifferent below drink together. But bout head just discovers, everybody was drunk, everybody is willing to abandon this paragraph of memory. In the love of Xu Changqing and violet Xuan, apparently look, be ” path ” conquer ” affection ” . But in fact, “Path ” triumphal actually is through be opposite ” affection ” suppress will come true. Keep on saying is saying the 2 people that let go, still cannot accomplish put down truly. Terminal point, violet Xuan answered Nanzhao, xu Changqing became door of palm of Sichuan hill new generation. Become the Xu Changqing after person of door of Sichuan hill palm, perform a sword-dance in the summit alone. You think he is to practising your skill, actually is to apply a law to snow. Ever had said because of violet Xuan only, oneself still want to see heavy snow wave fall the world, worldly innocence. The alcoholic drink that the cruel of Xuan loves long Qing Yuzi to resemble a cup of broil heating up enters larynx acrimony, flavour for a long time is unforgettable, fall into memory, enter abdomen bowel like wine again, the belt in warming dies young. Junior when, what eyeful sees is love is blazing with happiness, even if cannot be had finally,also want to be captured desperately. After be brought up, understood to wear golden band to cannot love you, put down what golden band cannot save you to be in a dilemma, also know ” worldly how to get job of be satisfactory to both sides, not negative Buddha is not lost dear ” , be what kind of but. Love and just must not be worldly normal. If say, the cruel of violet Xuan and Xu Changqing is loved, be ” affection ” with ” path ” rich weichis. So, demon esteem building is right the odd arrowhead love of violet Xuan, it is the force majeure of affection. It can let decent child cast next cardinal principles of righteousness, also can make demon honour suffers all kinds of torment. ” celestial being sword 3 ” in, demon esteem building should be a the most easygoing originally. No matter everything altogethers dirt bagatelle, the thing that is interested exclusively is with bitter fleabane decisive battle. But, since him encountered violet Xuan, fight this thing becomes bad to play. The lot result of two people a scheme. Violet Xuan has life of not old amaranthine to continue to stay him angle love, find demon to value a building, think the heart that takes him secretly will reach a goal. Result, one kiss decides affection. Do not know to love originally why the demon of content values a building, fell in love with violet Xuan. ? Heavy building is right of violet Xuan be in love with, from be destined at the beginning is tragic. Violet Xuan kissed him, stole his heart, it is to help sb to fulfill his wishes of oneself and Xu Changqing however love. But, by spirit away ” heart ” he, uncontrollable however oneself are right the feeling of violet Xuan. Before love, demon honour is unripe give birth to to be forced ” blue prince ” . The late night does not have Mian, abandon wing oneself. Drown worried in dring, be extremely sad. Although heavy building is of devildom honour, but his nature is not evil. Do not have the ambition of regnant mankind already, also do not have the desire of do evil. Accordingly, even if how be harmed by violet Xuan again, he did not make any harm Xu Changqing, reave the thing of violet Xuan. Be in even violet Xuan and long dear evil spirit be regardinged as grabs when be about to be burned dead, it is he appears in time helped 2 people, for them cure is hurt. Indissoluble when everybody why to weigh a building to be able to change demon sex, make help sb to fulfill his wishes when the thing of the almsdeed of other. Nature’s mystery of Xu Changqing hit the mark with a single comment — ” in every case 6 bounds, all sentient, demon esteem building is not exceptional also. ” demon also has feeling, and this affection is not selfish, do not have. Grow Qing Xiangbi with Xu, heavy building does not have so much responsibility and burden, love chiclier, more be at ease, also more dripping wet of merry and lively. No matter Xu grows the cruel of Qing Hezi Xuan to love deep feeling, still weigh a building to be paid to the home remedy of violet Xuan, although be tragic wind up, but point out however affective force majeure: No matter be,is demon, repair for much deeper, supernatural power is much higher, before love, likely by prize. It is selfish, but also be altruistic. Since longs one kind to have, also be give with what utility does not have experience and help sb to fulfill his wishes. And series of sword of whole celestial being most hit moving, be countless people actually let go, help sb to fulfill his wishes, sacrifice, consecratory. This kind of sacrifice, dedication is not to be kidnapped, however of style of a kind of boy innocent with dinkum. ” celestial being sword 3 ” the Bai Yueguang that becomes so much person. Be touched to get the love of decadent besides those, the friendship between the teenager, also very much era is entered feeling. If want ” celestial being sword 3 ” friendship CP discharges a foreword, red-spotted stonecrop and Mao Mao are discharged surely the first. Mao Mao and red-spotted stonecrop from small be brought up at the same place, affection is the same as brother, be as close as brothers. What is true friend? — true friend stands beside you forever namely, support your person. Maomao can say the vermicelli made from bean starch of number one stubborn that is red-spotted stonecrop. Choose as the day in red-spotted stonecrop child when gene has not been shown, he is exclusive one believes red-spotted stonecrop can have factitive person one time. ? Of course, this friendship is not absolutely advocate the right suppress of fall forward type, in red-spotted stonecrop eye, maomao also is the family that cannot be bullied likewise. Two people although the status is equal, moment of Dan Maomao more, resemble the young join a regular shift or class that is red-spotted stonecrop, it is for red-spotted stonecrop work natively it seems that. But the last moment in life, mao Mao greets his changeover however. Red-spotted stonecrop is forced to be done with celestial being of sword of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease bet, ante is the mankind’s all food. Red-spotted stonecrop was defeated, the earth a famine. Mao Mao has a meal to eat for everybody go out to seek food, found thunder formidable advocate here. See Mao Mao, luo Rulie is like with a dog prevailing wind Mao Mao has a sacrosanctity to come pure soul. Luo Rulie tells Mao Mao his flesh ate to be able to make him supernatural power soars, the meat that suggests Mao Mao takes him will exchange commissariat. This ability had theatrical work in most the clue that makes an audience shocking — Mao Maoge flesh changes commissariat. Actually Mao Maoben can escape this one disaster. There is a hint foreshadowing later developments in a story before. Be searched in everybody together, mao Mao walks along fork road, was attracted another mysterious space. Better has talk, catastrophe of heaven and earth, if stay in that one private space, can escape one disaster. ? But to mix old red-spotted stonecrop is together, mao Mao still chose to come out. All inexorable doom are in early fated at the beginning. Worldly and best Mao Mao, because friendship helped sb to fulfill his wishes red-spotted stonecrop, also became the hero of people because of goodness. And in the process that grows all the way in red-spotted stonecrop, become panoramic day, far more than Mao Maoyi’s person. Still remember that mysterious person? When red-spotted stonecrop should sell Yu Pei, mysterious person is taking a graph to fall from the day. Picture of the place in the graph is the world after 300 days namely, cadaver everywhere, the land is swarmed with famished refugees, the Yu Pei after 300 days will produce tremendous effect, and is red-spotted stonecrop exclusive can you save? The Immanuel of the common people. ? This person is plum free. Red-spotted stonecrop is ceaseless to celestial being of battle evil sword be defeated, of Mao Mao also bring him huge blow to death, right now plum free belt is worn Yu Pei appears again, tell red-spotted stonecrop — outside eliminating recipe of celestial being of sword of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease to not be in, and inside. Want belief to still be in only, be defeated win to finality with respect to have not. Plum free encouragement is very important to red-spotted stonecrop. Why? Had given in drama explain — because also be before me small mix. Come from another spatio-temporal plum free offerred a kind of feeling to be the same as experience, similar experience, the encouragement of equal dialog. This kind is encouraged, let a person the most easily believe. Finally, below the collaborate from within with forces from outside of red-spotted stonecrop and Xu Changqing, celestial being of sword of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease is defeated. The red-spotted stonecrop in drama also mixes blending to grow as a child eventually for generation military spirit. In drama plum free with red-spotted stonecrop from bird of junior and harum-scarum, dish one, grow for generation hero and military spirit, break through brambles and thorns-hack one’s way through difficulties, the tall smooth hour that receives life eventually. Review ” celestial being sword 3 ” , wave to just discover we like ” celestial being sword 3 ” , do not come from at it gut has many wonderful, conception has much profundity. And depend on, the person that it lets see play experienced youth — we had gone after appearance persistence, passionate like violet Xuan and long Qing Yi love. The heartbreak that overweight building lovesickness does not get taste. Have Guo Maomao’s pure, kind-hearted friendship. Become finally like red-spotted stonecrop the hero of break through brambles and thorns-hack one’s way through difficulties. Even if youth has a lot of faulty, a lot of regrets. But we remember it from beginning to end.

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