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Original title: ” our marriage ” : Shenyang brooms empress or imperial concubine of the first rank is completely all round the star, she Tian is sweet deduce angling is cummer This paragraph of time compares deep homebred theatrical work, ” our marriage ” calculate. From on the line begins, it attracts an audience with biting actor’s lines and real the plot of a play, got one bill reputably. Besides dare pat besides, this drama also has the place of dreamy linkage actually.

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For instance, a lot of actress in drama ever went out had acted ” if exemplary,pass ” or ” discriminate is passed ” , and they around comet is in Shenyang beside, discriminate became Shenyang to broom astral mom, China the wife of a prince is boss, beautiful the wife of a prince is neighbour, new the divorce lawyer that come on stage is Cao noble. Scan widely looks, shenyang brooms empress or imperial concubine of the first rank is completely beside the star, can calls dream linkage.

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Although the collaboration in homebred drama, a lot of moment are a metempsychosis, nevertheless so large-scale meet again, also be special coincidence. Arrived from ancient time contemporary, china the wife of a prince as before bully gas side leaks, a few in drama female main actors, also be individual character bright absorbing person.

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This drama not only showing the issue among marriage, the part to love also somewhat depict. Have quite representative is Li Xiaotian is opposite then, have again even if She Tian is sweet. And talk more belt feeling, nature or She Tian are sweet, she is not only angling is cummer, still be a villain in drama of the whitest lotus in drama.

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She is active first beside congratulate charm beauty, the arrogant daughter of the day that does poineering work a hardship became be in debt run the Loser of the road, it is oneself engineered staking obviously, the good person that be ready to help others for a just cause is become outside thing of complete however place oneself. And she stares at the yellow whale that went up to just take investment again now, for the model that benefit develops ahead, appropriate appropriate angles namely is beauty. Look premonitory, yellow whale swallowed the bait very easily also it seems that.

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She Tian is sweet it is very cool that this individual is set, although be a villain in drama, but at present everybody does not rise to her hate again, instead covers a road to be full of to her follow-up expect. Do not know She Tian is sweet, final meeting is folded in where.

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