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Original title: ” between the world ” let years theatrical work fire [Luo Xiaoting of round-the-world times reporter] homebred years theatrical work fire. Late on March 1, ” between the world ” big ending. Compare origianl work novel, the destiny of many main characters produces full play ” happy ” changeover: Grasp justice cure heavy disease, grasping elder brother and Zheng Juan arrive hand in hand old… attention of viewing rate and network is spent show, the audience likes this ” warm ending ” . This drama achieves CCTV archives of integrated channel gold comes nearly 5 years teleplay is highest viewing rate, still harvest heat of many days of entire network the first, lift ” the whole people seeks theatrical work ” ” lie between era discussion ” wait for upsurge. With spatio-temporal span bigger historical play differs, the town that the narrative much concentration of years theatrical work leaves in specific time setting 100 condition, to contemporary audience, commonner and kind. 90 time go to the century before this century 10 years on, this kind holds style of bosom of the national condition that have the home, culture and historical connotation concurrently, the drama anthology that is good at presenting times changes with change of familial, industry, ever became for a time explode paragraph. The 52 collect teleplay that broadcasted 2008 ” brave the journey to the Northeast ” , with Home Zhu the story of 5 people serves as germinant, present an end of a Qing Dynasty to arrive for the audience the Republic of China year the Chinese mordern history between, the make a stand against that depict Everyman issues in historical changes and hope. Be in ” brave the journey to the Northeast ” in the story, “Time ” be not empty shell, the main part experience in drama is full of legend to be able to let average viewer feeling be the same as experience again however. A masterpiece ” big gate of an old-style big house ” , with one action is lifted with familial the tide of years theatrical work that is setting, appear early or late ” big dyehouse ” ” old drug lane ” ” Qiao Jiada courtyard ” wait for similar kind. In this drama, the character of white home is wrapped nip is in times onrush, with the echo of times incident photograph of the War of Resistance Against Japan. Be in especially the first last concentration, bai San father would rather take opium take one’s own life undeserved also traitor, sing with the stage with nephew Bai Jingqi ” carry trochlear ” medium classical aria, this paragraph lets years theatrical work the performance glamour of the layout of introduction and old show bone is revealed without involuntary discharge of urine. In classical years theatrical work, although there is no lack of the romaunt of this kind of old age, everybody a group of things with common features, but the high-quality goods that also has focusing Everyman love, for example ” parental love ” . Two heroes in drama at the beginning each other are fed up with, there is clamorous, misunderstanding among, but immerse with foam, age slowly. The audience is to the general opinion of this drama ” rebroadcast looks a few times also not be bored with ” , look more more by among them somewhere detail jab eats a heart. This kind ” benefit other people is silent ” the glamour that also is years theatrical work. The years theatrical work of love story of older generation of this kind of focusing, still have beautiful main actor of piece of Wen of national, Jiang ” golden wedding ” wait. Light has a times to make background, still can’t make time epic. The another big common characteristic of theatrical work of high-quality goods years is group of wonderful show performances, also accomplish Li Youbin, Siqingaowa, Chen Baoguo, Liu Peiqi, Jiang Wen beautiful wait for a batch of actual strength to send fine actor. ” brave the journey to the Northeast ” in leave deep impressional Sa Rina for the audience, in ” between the world ” in contribute wonderful performance again. In recent years, subject matter of years theatrical work is more rich. Be like what Zhang Yi, Yan Tao acted the leading role 2017 ” chicken feather flies on a day ” the business of short for Zhejiang Province below setting of focusing reforming and opening struggles, ” below open door ” series is taking thick Beijing taste. Also ginseng of more youth actor performs anthology of this kind of drama, act the leading role like the person such as white last year house, Song Zuer and wool dawn red ” Qiao Jia’s children ” , tell about tall home 5 children depend on each other because of father is born and be not being raised, in the story that gives aid to each other all the way in growing process. Theatrical work of time of the part before this hard ” broken circle ” reason, depend on Internet times sufferring hasten of figure of numerous green vernalization, figure to be the same as, the market forces the story goes after the element such as legend colour overly. ” between the world ” can break bottleneck, the creative work that one big reason returns to years theatrical work just about is basic. Li Lu of this play director is mentioned for many times ” 4 Liang Bazhu ” , “4 bridge ” it is thunder favorable reply, Xin Baiqing, Song Jia and Yan Tao, “8 column ” it is Sarina, Zhang Kaili, fourth Yong Dai, Song Chunli, Yu Zhen wait. “The actor is appropriate, show is interesting also. ” to the audience, do not be short of acting of true story become reconciled when drama anthology, can realize public praise naturally ” broken circle ” . In recent years successful years theatrical work also has above characteristic, be like ” hill sea affection ” ” great river great river ” etc. Anthology of this kind of drama gradually pick off ” do not attract a youth ” label, radiation is more extensive crowd, become ” drama of new main trend ” .

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