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Original title: Of Liu Yifei make newly ” dream Hua Lu ” , had obtained license, estimate very leave to be able to come to everybody before Last year all the year round in did not appear how much very outstanding ancient costume theatrical work, because this also brings about the disappointment with very much special audience, also invite an audience at the same time people put the hope in this year, and wait for in what had been informed in sowing drama, audience people expect highest work is Liu Yifei and Lin Yun are rolled out jointly ” dream Hua Lu ” . In the last few years Liu Yifei goes out rarely perform work of movie and TV, because this also causes a few audiences that like to see teleplay, see Liu Yifei rarely, because this appears in work of movie and TV again to her, a lot of audiences expect exceedingly, the work of a few movie and TV that perform gives before her after all exceedingly hot.

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Act the leading role before her for example ” strange a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of celestial being sword is passed ” and ” day dragon 8 ” waiting for work is an audience people the classical existence in the heart, and the great majority in these work is ancient costume drama, this also is representing Liu Yifei to having experience of very rich ancient costume drama. And this ” dream Hua Lu ” the work that also is subject matter of an ancient costume, because this Liu Yi Fei also is sure to be in this work,bring a lot of surprises to us, and go out act male advocate the actor is very handsome Chen Xiao, his acting actual strength also is very powerful, because of appearance of these two collect and acting the outstanding actor at a suit, also invite an audience undoubtedly people expected to add a lot of.

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This drama makes what basically appear is 3 female advocate the problem that encounters in managing a cafes, and the thing that in solving a problem, produces. And there is the work that relates such type stories rarely in work of movie and TV, because this work also will be an audience to bring very much new move, and such story is put in contemporary theatrical work, that is the story that helps each other between very typical female, and the subject matter of such stories often can obtain depict first-rate achievement, accordingly ” dream China is recorded ” have may appear very greatly heat explodes the setting of canopy. And this work had been taken two days afore licence, estimation can come to everybody immediately before.

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This work can attract so much audience, also basically poor because of Liu namely and the heat that two people take Chen Xiao oneself, so audience people on the body that puts oneself view in them two, go out especially act female advocate Liu Yifei, she is in recent period of time, basically had not rolled out ancient costume drama, but one of the most beautiful actress in as before a lot of audiences think she is ancient costume drama. And from Liu Yifei the figure in drama can see, she makes person Jing colourful exceedingly as before. And before the data that does not have scrutiny actor, it is very difficult to feel female the part is medium have the presence that can be likened to with Liu Yifei, but after looking, discover however have among them what grow not less is very good-looking.

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There is no lack of have the presence that can be likened to with Liu Yifei. Among them the most apparent is the another in drama female advocate Sun San’s woman, and the personate of this part person it is Liu Yan, she is in when just entering recreation to encircle at the outset, it is the sexy goddess in many popular feeling, and be in later still go out performed a lot of roles with him image likeness, but regrettablly is these work fail to obtain better result. And in later Liu Yan began transition, but as a result of before audience people too deep to her impression, the transition that brings about her is not successful, and she is made in this drama medium a part figure that act, before will making she is cast off successfully the inherent impression of the audience.

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Cong Liuyan is in light of the modelling in work, her figure compares joint reality, not only modelling is exceedingly beautiful and moving, and also did not appear among them the circumstance that meat of a few dew will come cause attention, and this also makes she can show the appearance advantage that gives her faultlessly, before also letting a lot of audiences break at the same time, be opposite her impression, give an audience then people brought a few surprises. What there still are a lot of appearances to let a person feel Jing is colourful in this drama is female match, go out in drama for example perform Sun Hao to add Nai well, and act Ge Zhaodi the actual strength of this part sends Chen of actor Li Mu to wait. Their existence also let work get greater attention, also raised the Yanzhi level in drama at the same time, this can’ts help inviting an audience more the arrival that awaits work.

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