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Original title: Too comical! The netizen names to Cp of this pair of screen ” mother of Thunder God report ” , ren Jialun is ” Thunder God “ Present as leading role to act the leading role by Xing Fei, Ren Jialun ” corvine young lady and lizard gentleman ” sow in heat in, at present drama anthology also has replaced an in part, the emotional line of the male feminine lead in drama also has entered the most pleasant stage gradually, love the spectator of the Cp in knock drama, also already in Get drama sweet cent.

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The official of the Jiang Xiaoning in this drama personate matchs Xing Fei is the Gu Chuan of personate of Ren Jialun place, cp of leading role of general men and women can have Cp name, they are not exceptional also of course. And the screen Cp name that the audience gives two people, cry ” mother of Thunder God report ” .

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This name is too comical really! Name of Cp of leading role of other teleplay men and women, it is to compare be bored with crooked, hear ” mother of Thunder God report ” the thundery sound that the first reaction is next wet. The audience gives Gu Chuan and Jiang Xiaoning this names to Cp ” mother of Thunder God report ” , also not be out of thin air actually, it is to have a ground but of abide. Gu Chuan is the stylist of a young promising, wait for a person to wait for a thing to compare inhospitality, it is an eccentric person of a cold blood it seems that. But, because he has reason of a mechanical cardiac,this is, and this mechanical heart has strange unreal color, once Gu Chuan mood is flabby, the heartbeat is accelerated, with respect to meeting discharge, resemble ” Pikaqiu ” same.

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Gu Chuan can discharge electric others, but oneself are not met by report, who offends Gu Chuan to get angry so, that looks for a blame to suffer namely. The He Sheng in drama is a case that considers plain cruel, for the first time by report because why rise the female subordinate to Gu Chuan,be against the law of Su Manlin cherish and by report, the 2nd by report because He Sheng looks for Jiang Xiaoning to bother,be, direct report flew to exasperate Gu Chuan why to rise.

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Report of Gu Chuan that releases, just also not be the might of paralytic person only, still can direct bring about power source system to break down. In real life, nature is to won’t have Gu Chuan such legend character exists, gu Chuan is the fictitious character in teleplay only. And Jiang Xiaoning is said to regard report as the mother, also be to compare humourous, still basically have bad luck because of her constitution. Jiang Xiaoning takes hapless constitution oneself, either complete foolish Bai Tian also is not beautiful strong miserable, but miserable really, be in debt in the home, the work that do does not have can long, not be the company closes down to be forced namely discharge.

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After Jiang Xiaoning encounters Gu Chuan, although hapless constitution has improve, but still be mildew carry pesters a body. Encountering a trouble is not most night rain thunderily namely in the evening, be stranded gently elevator, thunder namely again rain, be omen sex.

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Work overtime when Jiang Xiaoning enters Gu Chuan company very late, be in tiredly with Gu Chuan elevator, gu Chuan still thinks at that time is him excessive discharge brings about, actually pure belonging to is hapless haphazard just. Jiang Xiaoning has the experience of life danger twice, it is by He Sheng picky, it is to be stranded to be in weather station. And, have a common characteristic, that thunders namely next wet.

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Does everybody like ” mother of Thunder God report ” this pair of Cp?

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