Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: ” beautiful language is endowed with ” Qiu Min one situation is bad step by step wrong, black changing is manage place ought to, ” beautiful language is endowed with ” when does Qiu Min get offline ” beautiful language is endowed with ” broadcast now, qiu Min this part is boredder and boredder really. And, she and the contradiction of autumn beautiful also are bigger and bigger. Chat well with everybody today, ” is beautiful language endowed with ” when does Qiu Min get offline? Because ” beautiful language is endowed with ” it is to achieve a play formerly, to everybody without method so drama is appeared. But it is important to regard as feel, qiu Min should be met ending ability gets offline.

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In ” beautiful language is endowed with ” in, male girder assist look for tall person, made contain mythological colorific legendary luminous pearl, the hand of by congratulate general, pay intribute gave an emperor, of one mind wants celestial being, very superstitious emperor nature believes thoroughly, and give orders let a person search what appear together with legendary luminous pearl ” black female ” . Legendary luminous pearl is false, so called ” black female ” nature also is a holiday, but act in a play makes complete set, liang Yi prepared legendary luminous pearl, also should prepare naturally ” black female ” . Did not think of the Qiu Min that is profaned, originally courage is the smallest, meet only resign oneself to adversity, change his appearance this however, request a cord from the emperor -submit a request for a military assignment actively, volunteer, be willing to act as ” black female ” , be stupefied indeed everybody. Although do not know how autumn Min heart thinks, but this is an opportunity really, if succeeded, that is salty fish turn over.

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If do not have yuan of Lang to have a hand in, qiu Min is pretended to be black female issue is sure and successful, but Yuan Langheng inserts one thick line, be profaned Qiu Min, it is maiden no longer the facts one wishes to hide of the body was exposed come out, make emperor by happy event turn anger, your people give Qiu Min check body. Do not know Qiu Min used what method, or rearward photograph helps someone, anyway final Qiu Min was become successfully ” black female ” . Qiu Jiaben is old and well-known family of Qing Dynasty shedding, qiu Min gives a young lady as of lineal descent, be like put in prison of autumn home have not, so the one’s life experience with Qiu Min, calm meeting looks for a good other people, even if cannot intention is interlinked, also can raise case neat eyebrow at least, spend this to be born in safety. But Qiu Min’s smooth lifetime, broke as the put in prison of autumn home entirely, qiu Jiazhi so put in prison, say or because of Liang Yi, let high-ranked imperial concubine the aim below empress or imperial concubine of the first rank is begged marry Qiu Min, just created the situation nowadays.

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She is recreant fear, need Qiu Yan’s bosom, but Qiu Yan pushs her. Although Qiu Yan is to make her independent, let her grow, but Qiu Min is not Qiu Yan, without so strong suiting ability, her growing need process, and in this process, she needs warmth. Also because of this, qiu Min produced the psychology of resentment to Qiu Yan. Qiu Min is detested, also be manage place ought to. Next gut, I am very curious really, perhaps, qiu Min can give everybody a surprise.

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