Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: 10 years are lain between to cooperate again when Yu Zheng, Sun Yi, ” is Ban Shuchuan strange ” in Sun Yi acts who? Late on March 1, yu Zhengfa article expresses: “The Xiaosun that be valued 10 years ago and likes, cooperate again eventually went up. # was ~ of strange # of # Ban Shuchuan 2022 2012 have dark sweet come # is valued as before — small gain of @ Sun Yi. ” bask in gave two pieces to close according to. On March 2, this message with ” cooperate 10 years again at be being lain between when Zheng Sunyi ” ascend hot search to cause a netizen to pay close attention to.

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Cooperate 10 years again at be being lain between when Zheng Sunyi this is their afterwards 10 years the teleplay before ” Ban Shuchuan is strange ” 2 degrees of collaboration after, the drama of new theatrical work that Yu Zheng, Sun Yi cooperates is called ” to have dark sweet come ” , be being basked in from Yu Zheng is ancient costume drama in light of the picture that give, at present this drama already will put on record in October last year, volume number is 30 collect, but material pertinent information has not come out. About ” Ban Shuchuan is strange ” this drama, how much to know everybody still remembers? Head sow on October 6, 2015, combine by Xu Huikang, bright red Rui Bin, Huang Weiming hold guide, the ancient costume love of the main actor such as boat of Jing Tian, Zhang Zhehan, rich paying laborious, Li Jia is comedic. This drama has a strong lineup, a lot of actors are everybody’s familiar face, include already the Dilireba that fire rises, Gao Weiguang, Sun Yi ever was this drama costar.

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The Sun Yi in kind and gentle legend performs the class who ” Ban Shuchuan is strange ” in, of Sun Yi personate is Lin Cen, complacent student of Kou Lanzhi, of armour class learn bully, but also be an unimportant person that gets a person to order about only. Gut has have a part, malinger of Lin Cen ran, with Kou Lanzhi Ban Shu of a circumvent. Path forest Cen Younan is in Ban Shuzhi to was not found out too much, the real operation that uses oneself goes penitentiary Lin Cen, lin Cen knows a fault finally to change. Sun Yi as a child the part goes to nowadays to become protagonist all the way, in the process very not easy, , married the son that famous agent Wang Jing spends Dong Zijian, because resource is good by ridicule resource Ga, actually Sun Yi very hard, also be capable. Zhu Sunyi new theatrical work ” to have dark sweet come ” film successful, expect at an early date with the audience people meet.

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