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Original title: Ah cradle: Sea Qing Dynasty plays the part of ugly reductive and gules nursery governess, demon of horse of Zhou Ye ghost performs a thousand li to find a husband As an actress, a lens that who does not hope to dress up is the United States beautifully? But, perform art circle in however somebody not dread is played the part of ugly, not dread is anile, bring an another surprise to the audience with masterly acting. And the actor that sea Qing Dynasty uses actual strength to talk so just about. The teleplay in revolutionary history subject matter ” ah cradle ” firm in the begining, except looked ahead of schedule cast and premonitory, true did not recognize fire of fire of this wind wind, spill forceful hot, raucous the female soldier Chou Zigang of big voice is You Haiqing act. But the person must let set upright thumb however after looking, sea Qing Dynasty makes a person look at with new eyes in the part again.

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Had seen the teleplay of subject matter of history of so much revolution, ” ah cradle ” no matter have from chosen angle or fictile character,plant another feelings. Be in before in revolutionary history subject matter, much is ideal is great, the miserable intense of the fight, volitional adamancy and the passion that cast a head to spill warm blood, but ” ah cradle ” abandoned however the sort of baronial and narrative, from very warmth, the angle of ten denominator sex, related the story of period of a special history and nursery governess of setting the next. Subject matter of life allowing change wants ideal passion not only, the romance of love, more added Tong Zhen and mother love theme.

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1979 director thanking advance ever used same title, same theme has patted to relate the story that Yan’an of child-care centre evacuate has be transferringed greatly in the center of Yan’an. Also be all sorts of old show bone gather among them. But the film is length weak point, center child-care centre is whole in showing Yan’an impossibly in the round the whole story that produces progress, 2 it is at that time the artistic treatment that uses generally and empty change technique, let a person some break away from the history true. More than 40 years are lain between when, remove dust this bury in the story in days afresh when polishing is shown before the audience, changeless is actor actual strength still cannot small gaze, surprizing is content becomes more rich full and accurate is exquisite, the character also becomes more stereo and plump, give a person with another humanitarian feelings.

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In drama, the Chou Zigang of sea clear personate is one destroys home hind because of Japanese devil resolutely the female soldier that joins revolution. She had not gone up to learn really, also do not know what great truth. Devote into Yan’an to embracing a simple and direct idea only, battlefield hits devil on, revenge for family. But the destiny followed her to open a fun unluckily, she arrived Yan’an is in all the time rear pursue all sorts of auxiliary jobs, arrive from the nurse of public hospital chairman of company of supply and marketing, although work to be approved again and again, although also found the man that becomes a cadre, can do not have the front on the opportunity namely. For this but urgent bad the Chou Zigang of fire of wind wind fire.

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Chou Zigang thinks is he do not have culture, literacy is not much, the level just does not let the front on her not quite, produced then on the thought of the Chinese People’s Anti-Japanese Military and Political College. Can go up a gangplank that the Chinese People’s Anti-Japanese Military and Political College also is her nevertheless. What she takes a fancy to is education of the Chinese People’s Anti-Japanese Military and Political College is stratocracy cadre, front can go up after going up, final heart of her heart center reads aloud the issue that study to go up namely front hits devil. But the destiny loves to follow overmatch most occasionally stronger. You want to work blame fail your wish, slant let you do some of thing that you never think to had worked. Then, the Chou Zigang that does what what to be able to be become is persuaded to stay by the of decanal Fu Lian of the hospital central, in beginning to prepare Yan’an center child-care centre, solve children of the Eight Route Army nobody are attended, unmanned entrust is brought about die young the issue with high rate.

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Be in short in the length of two collect, sea Qing Dynasty gave us to show Chou Zigang completely with her masterly acting and the deduction that reach the designated position not only the disposition feature of its person and act style, and still explain the reason that was clear that the child-care centre holds water in the center of Yan’an and meaning with 3 conte, with the antecedents that the child that reachs the first batch of start going to a nursery differs severally. Chou Zigang although disposition is doughty, one’s words is sharp, do a business some not plan sequential, preparing to construct special method often is used during the child-care centre, but should face the child to resembled changing an individual however only every time. Sometimes she resembles child king, can play with children be troubled by together; Be full of the baby-sitter of love like sometimes, sending out everywhere constantly the tenderness of mother love and tough. A the most kind-hearted heart is hiding below the woman’s head-ornaments dress of dirty chaos, also make a person imperceptible in watching a process be attracted by content of this interesting angel, forgot a lot of part that sea Qing Dynasty once acted. Had so attractive front, special expect fire of fire of this wind wind, enthusiasm is dye-in-the-wood ” ugly mom ” with the story that produces at the back of children.

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Besides sea Qing Dynasty, of personate of Zhou Ye of actor of the youth in drama female 2 Tang Susu also are a part that shines at the moment. The Chou Zigang of He Haiqing personate is same, except knows cast list, the first your act person that identifies this Tang Susu very hard is in namely ” the land of country makes ” in because consider Hunan one horn and the Zhou Ye that shine brilliantly. In drama, the first setting that this Tang Susu appears is to grab Chou Zigang’s potato to eat, the appearance that the sort of flinging caution to the winds, see like the sort of ravenous person a bit really those who eat without any consideration.

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Next, this Tang Susu changed student of a suit progress again dress up go up to the car of Yan’an piece now. Everybody does not have suspicion to her, very much even person still gives her because of her beautiful appearance make things convenient for somebody be accommodating, only Chou Zigang sees Tang Susu pours millet meal, criticized her politely, still begin to oppugn her identity and purpose. The Tang Susu that holds the post of Zhou Ye personate again how the piercing eye that ghost horse demon also does not escape to cross Chou Zigang it seems that. But be in Tang Susu is particularly oily, special below the appearance that does not rely on chart, installing a particularly persistent heart however. Because look for the Yan’an that the talent comes to,she is. And the object arrowroot that her a thousand li finds a husband also will be 6 jins from the back particularly important male role, by ” pillow submit a written statement to a higher authority ” in the Xu Shaoying personate of personate Xie Qingti. From say substantially, she and Chou Zigang can reach to attain purpose break euqally, not hesitate the thing that does a few hole to cheat abduct.

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In Zhou Ye and the adversary drama with quiet sea, the reaction of two people and status are special the age that accords with content of characters in a play and experience, what should mature is mature, this green and dauntless youth is dauntless, of Zhou Ye deduce also do not have the ego that what the sort of form on body of star of a few discharge changes now to convey actually, appear very natural and relaxed, your this part becomes Tang Susu and a pair of Chou Zigang’s complementary enemy.

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Good theme, good story, good actor, good part, it is mutual achievement originally. Of subject matter of this revolution history ” ah cradle ” let Haiqing and Zhou Ye break through not only before the part is attrib border, still deduced the story of a rich the milk of human kindness and maternity brightness, must say ” ah cradle ” extended narrative deepness on this subject matter really.

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