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Original title: Liu Hao puts: “Cliff ” over, acting is not full In be interviewed, compere enquires Liu Hao to put: “Do you become aware you are is gifted? ” Liu Hao puts truly to ponder the ground to reply: “How to calculate, have. Have..

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This thinks oneself gifted ” day Jiang Ziwei star ” became ” over cliff ” in acting most pull a when cross, controversy sound is ceaseless. Ever still was had by boast last year the Liu Hao of clever gas is put, the to turn over in the as expected on acting. Not be an audience people too acerbity, the hand grasps her of top class resource, be not received a bit. A maiden work is ” a second ” , zhang Yi is sought hold guide, zhang Yinan advocate, she is female advocate. The 2nd film is < " send you a small safflower " , han Yan hold guide, easy melt 1000 royal seal male advocate, she is female advocate. The 3rd is this galaxy big wrist gathers ” over cliff ” , she also is female advocate. Han is next cold hold guide ” the four seas ” , she is 2 female advocate.

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Such resource, the Jing Tian that is summit summit period also must plaint candidly admit defeat. Zhang Yi seeks director more speak bluntly: “She eats this bowl of meal namely, the universe does not bar her ” , say publicly still ” the successor that I feel she should be Zhou Dongyu. ” small red rely on to hold in both hands, bright red common saying leaning a lot says well, small red rely on to hold in both hands, bright red lean a lot, hold grey flying smoke in both hands by force to destroy. Red this thing is door a philosophical sect in the Wei and Jin dynasties really, person of climate favourable geographical position and, be short of one cannot. What be short of least of all in recreational group is ” resource Ga ” , want in those days the Jing Tian of at the summit of one’s power also is the degree that resource counters a day. Big load one’s writing with fancy phrases of a ministry is worn, but person energy of life and public praise are about the same namely, it is OK that acknowledge is spent, but masterpiece is done not have. Instead is ” descend to the world ” acted ” big Tang Rongyao ” just calculate received the ground to enrage, laid masses foundation. Let her explode this year of fire ” Si Teng ” it is net drama one’s previous experience more, but the big making motion picture before the effect is compared however is a lot of better.

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Similar still have Li Yitong, resource also is to counter a day, since going out, be big almost female advocate, but person as before not lukewarm not fire, differentiate degree general also. Still stay in up to now, play is not red, the person is not red also, but play arranges ceaseless condition. Newest seeking grand of young woman Liu to put is such more, up to now all resource are top class. Even Zhang Yi seeks the plan that first pat teleplay, the work of bear the palm that chosen play is cogongrass aegis literature ” leading role ” , she still is female advocate, the battle array that comes out now is Chen Chong should come over to be her support a leaving actor.

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Not only such, although small gain vermicelli made from bean starch just passed 1 million, the industry value that Liu Hao puts also is to erupt continuously. Take Kadeyapin continuously card bosom friend, paris the identity of many brands spokesman such as mobile phone of Oulaiya, resurgence, publish the title page of a thread-bound book of on 4 big print easily. This degree is ” division elder sister ” Ni Ni and the degree that Zhou Dongyu envies, it is together after all seek young woman, at the outset but two people are felt in fashionable circle climb boil dozen, north all the way ridicule comes over to just have today’s success, but the 00 Liu grand after put light light Song Song to take these big cards.

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“A piece of white paper ” acting Zhang Yi seeks those who choose actor all along to favore one Zhang Bai papier-mache, cong Gongli is put to Liu Hao is how to pass professional training, acting is basic it is to rely on Zhang Yi to seek little to grind those who come out. ” hawkthorn is cultivated ” medium Zhou Dongyu, zhang Yi seeks the medium that also has his, “Patting what her play leans is a feeling. Pat play ability of 3 minutes to single out the camera lens that 3 seconds can use, but that 3 seconds are very clever. ” then Zhang Yi is sought pat with respect to a camera lens very long, even one patted 3 days, 100.

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Patting once cry when making fun of, liu Hao is put how to also cry not to come out, have a staff member anxious tell Liu Hao to put, still have 15 minutes of days black do not have natural light. Zhang Yi is sought after knowing not quite glad, say with everybody, be no good today still have still will have tomorrow acquired, must not give an actor pressure. On firm sense for ” a second ” and ” send you a small safflower ” it is put for Liu Hao ” the quantity has something made to order personally ” part, it is girl model, although be finished not cipher out colour, but in of the quadrature in compasses also calculate finish came down. Especially ” send you a small safflower ” medium Ma Xiaoyuan, those who increase play a supporting role also is young actor, be violated so and feel not big. But in ” a second ” and ” over cliff ” in compare with other and senior actor, difference show came.

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” a second ” in, have a show that has noodle, she for noodle brings back the home to eat to the little brother, oneself are hated to part with ate a few to put a chopstick, dan Liuhao is put act rise to feel without what the sort of hating to part with, do not have what desire to food itself however. ” over cliff ” in small orchid she also was not maintained completely, although Zhang Yi is sought,had fostered strengths and circumvent weaknesses for her, her actor’s lines amount is not large also, avoid to reveal flaw of too much actor’s lines, but still can let an audience see the difference that follows other actress.

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Dan Liuhao keeps the past ” a piece of white paper ” , have a good journey downstream, did not experience the affliction that get along, so she can say she has talent self-confidently, face controversy to be able to ask in reply, oneself do not have err why to want to be criticized. This was going up to also restrict what its serve as an actor to grow somehow, make her cannot control complex part, screen figure is thin, be replaced more easily and rinse.

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