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Original title: In March 9 drama of the line on hopeful, hot Ba Zhaoli clever contend for after inspecting, yang Yang plum shows hopeful to become win the home Enter March, new round TV closes inspect big fight also be about to start shooting, this month has many drama to begin to publicize warm-up, possible meeting is airborne, where department to visit in light of you most expect?

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The first is ” drive shark is written down ” , this drama from year began to come out to want to go up the message of the line, it is Dilireba afterwards ” pillow submit a written statement to a higher authority ” the drama of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of celestial being of another cruel heart later, told about standing grain of cloud of discipline of drive clever division to fall in love with shark person long meaning, all previous classics 1000 difficult 10 thousand danger, break through manacle the old practice that become sweethearts and defends the common people hand in hand. Drama of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of celestial being of heart of this kind of cruel very suffer an audience to love, fat enlighten be Xin Jin 90 hind close inspect queen, expect the value explodes canopy,

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Nevertheless, fat enlighten also not be devoid adversary, drama of practical subject matter ” go to 10 thousand happily ” also ready to do sth, the possibility of the line on March is not little also. Though subject matter is different, but a lot of drama confuse what still overlap, put in fair competition, if hit the wire on archives really, close inspect competition will exceedingly intense.

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” go to 10 thousand happily ” it is Zheng Xiaolong hold the theatrical work of sign of modern woman encourage that guide, drama of independent woman theme these a few years very fire, had begun to transform to contemporary theatrical work from ancient costume, zhao Liying is the person above average in encourage annals subject matter, a lot of people value this drama going straight towards drama of 3 big main trends to go, voice is very loud. Two close greatly inspect queen collision, also will be a very popular topic, expect these two drama to go up as soon as possible line. Besides these two big play, ” the lady’s law ” ” life if if see first ” ” Zhu Qing is good ” ” special Zhan Rongyao ” ” send the home ” ” and mop the world ” ” dream Hua Lu “

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” the lady’s law ” it is the duty of city female topic that by Jiang Shu shadow and Liu Mintao act the leading role field theatrical work, this drama is nodded to be cut with lawyer industry, told about two to grasp the lawyer that supports different concept, arrive from collision understanding, expose the plot of the truth in all. River thin film these a few years of resource are very good, it is play a favourite by sb in power regrettablly not red, duty field female also has acted not little, fail to obtain approbate, the hope has a surprise this!

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” life if if see first ” it is theatrical work of youth of annals of encourage of a the Republic of China, by Li Xianhe Chun Xia acts the leading role. Plum depend on drama of Gao Tian love now ” dear, have deep love for ” after having one’s moment, all the time very low-key, had done not have the line on good work several years, but still do not block vermicelli made from bean starch to expect to his!

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” Zhu Qing is good ” be You Yuanbing beautiful and Zheng Yecheng’s main actor is ancient occasionally. Ancient it is annual occasionally essential theme, have every year explode money theatrical work comes out, nevertheless this drama is not very be valued, it is male advocate force of Zheng Yecheng insufficient appeal, 2 it is Yuan Bing after beautifuling to rise in fire, was not chased after hold in both hands, resource is not too good, so this drama attention is spent not tall.

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” special Zhan Rongyao ” be contemporary army brigade drama, act the leading role by Yang Yang, had procrastinated very long, have eventually should go up the message of the line! Yang Yang is army art one’s previous experience, body appearance is very straight, facial features is regular, one face healthy atmosphere, perform this type theatrical work to take the place of to feel strong, small mew expresses very value!

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” send the home ” the drama of love of the Republic of China that is character of You Qinlan, Han Geng, Wu Jin, Nie Yuan’s main actor. Since ” the strategy that delay happiness ” explode red hind, yu Zhengdou is to be in these a few actors revolve, take sport repeatedly, be afraid that the audience is aesthetic and fatigue?

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” and try the world ” it is You Yangyang and the knight-errant theatrical work that Zhao Lou considers a main actor. Modelling of this one ancient costume is very good-looking, nifty and partner lifelike, lovely Zhao Lou is thought of, have screen sweethearts feeling very much, also character of joint origianl work, have very much explode the money goes qualitative.

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” dream China is recorded ” it is drama of legend of ancient costume female, this type subject matter has many classic theatrical work, by Yi Fei of Liu of immortal elder sister this the partner often makes fun of bone Chen Xiao, made the theatrical work with highest in March heat. Will look at present, the heat topic of this drama is sufficient, theme is good, the actor is welcome also, should go up only the public praise after the line is good, be bully screen big play likely very. To these 9 drama, you most where ministry to expect?

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