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Original title: Tong Dawei ” little be willing to part with or use ” receive an official ” sturdy and affable ” educational view suffers approbate Recently, by Zhang Xiaobo hold guide, the family that boat of Song Jia, Tong Dawei, Jiang Xin, Li Jia presents as leading role to act the leading role teachs drama ” little be willing to part with or use ” already received an official, leave oneself since sowing, close inspect achieve beautiful performance repeatedly, round head sow had not ended to already was in CCTV undertakes one set 2 rounds broadcasting. ” little be willing to part with or use ” regard education as subject matter ” small ” of series receive Guan Zhi to make, focusing ” litres small first ” the educational issue of level, bump through showing the contradiction of the 3 acting people inside a big family to be opposite, vie the story of unbalance of state of mind of filial education generation, once this drama broadcasts got wide attention. Personate of the Tong Dawei in drama ” good father ” Xia Jun hill, the part figure that includes by right of natural and exquisite acting and warmth got of netizens love, and actor Tong Dawei ” sturdy and affable ” educational view is more obtain the masses to approbate.

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Hill of gentleman of the summer in ligament drama is in close affection of hold together of problem of family of straight range of mountain of domestic adhesive Xia Jun all the time between each family member mediate, he can be dissolved not only south couple and Tian Yulan meet the condition with respect to at swords’ points, still can attentive safeguard south couple and south father for quite a long time very not close father daughter concerns, face hill of child summer gentleman can tender in order to wait for, treat Party A also can neither haughty nor humble, be outside can hit spell a career, the family can safeguard inside ” standard good man ” . Develop as gut, confront the wife of the daughter that can’ts bear pressure and mood out of control, summerly gentleman hill is being striven for for the daughter loosen an opportunity while, also do not forget to take care of the mood of the wife, the domestic concern daub that gives insecurity ” adhesive ” , this also lets many audiences halloo the husband like wanting summerly gentleman hill and father.

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As ” little be willing to part with or use ” sow grow next heavy curtain, the story of 3 families also received satisfactory final result. Did not wear for quite a long time the summerly home gut with overmuch Chinese ink also is shown was in before the audience. Area of summerly gentleman mountain exceeds exceed a native place to spend the New Year together, summerly mother did not arrange the son that the room fatigueds to journey, also appear a little chill to summerly gentleman hill between utterance. And catch up with epidemic situation to erupt right now, summerly gentleman hill cares summerly mother to notice to defend for many times, go out Dai Hao guaze mask also by its decisive refuse. Everybody just understands heretofore the former unripe family of summerly gentleman hill, understood him to be short of what the case that loses domestic care leaves pair of happy families to long for in oneself. Because he has experienced domestic warmth to lack the far-reaching influence that loses the child to bring personally oneself,also be, just give the child more company and attention hard all the time so, hope child can be healthy grow.

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Tong Dawei talks beat and scold type education to do good father examination paper to leave during drama of summerly gentleman hill is sowed, as the development of gut, a lot of families taught a problem to cause audience heat to discuss. Because hill of gentleman of the summer in be like drama discovers the daughter is when feigned course of study cannot be thrown and agitatedly, abuse the daughter even said this one action, tong Dawei is in gregarious platform and in interviewing, all express ” beating and scold is most educational means of failure, because it cannot solve any problems, still can create psychological burden to the child at the same time even shading ” suggest ” coaching in the process that the child works, the parent answers as far as possible sturdy and affable, get angry less, give award more ” still speaking of parents is the best method that help child forms a habit to the child’s company. And ” little be willing to part with or use ” receive an official that day, tong Dawei was released in small gain handwritten ” good father test coils ” , delivered the result that oneself teach to the family to experience with finishing the means of examination paper to phonate once more, lend this and summerly gentleman hill this one part leave.

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Summerly gentleman hill continues ” struggle ” memory kills another classical part to model it is reported again, tong Dawei of this personate ” stylist ” the part also gives an audience people brought a memory to kill. He is written on gregarious platform ” every time when I welcome new opportunity, I am thinking parallel world in, that the society is entered first the Liu Tao of brave of one antrum Gu, what can you turn into appearance? Whether does he still want the life that he gets on through struggling? He whether does collar of unlined upper garment of that pink Polo still raise arris ground to standing again? And these twine the problem in the depth of my heart all the time, in receive summerly gentleman hill when this color, I understood suddenly, liu Tao can turn Xia Jun into hill sooner or later. ” from ” struggle ” to ” little be willing to part with or use ” , Liu Tao arrives Xia Jun hill, tong Dawei completed the transition of life part, he still expresses ” arrive from the Liu Tao 14 years ago the Xia Jun hill nowadays, met the part that fit in corresponding age fitly, the confluence of the life phase follow a rational line to do some work well that is like the life the part and oneself was in one case. ” and these are opposite in Tong Dawei can see on the explanation of Xia Jun hill, his performance mixes the part to the love of family reveal naturally to domestic sense of responsibility, ” daughter slave ” the incisively and vividly that father’s warmth also shows.

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Teleplay ” little be willing to part with or use ” already received an official now, everybody is right of summerly gentleman hill love to be in overtones, “Super like summerly gentleman mountain, summerly gentleman hill is a good father ” ” Xia Jun hill does not need exam paper, because he is best father ” ” this piece of examination paper gives 99, be afraid that to a minute summerly gentleman hill is proud more ” etc. Hill of gentleman of summer of take one’s leave, the life of 3 families and education already the right path on the pace, return part seeing play again, of results is educational method not only, still have not Wei be willing to part with or use, be certain growing answer can emerge oneself period make with belief.

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