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Original title: ” still feed ” sow 5 days to defeat 400 million, close inspect climb successively litre, show of cate of actor colour value is lubricious but eat ” still feed ” sow according to leaving already 5 days, not negative people’s expectations had been defeated 5 days 400 million, drama also just is special impressive viewing rate is celebrated in gregarious platform, be next to ” between the world ” rank the 2nd, these days conduct propaganda also does not have Bai Gan, have positive result.

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Gut just began even if still feed bureau choosing to kitchen, inside kitchen each body bosom learns absolutely, among them 3 are chosen to go up Yao Zijin, su Yuehua, Yan Ziping, these 3 people are entered by right of masterly craft still feed bureau, and the 3rd person has secret belt to be on the body, but the development according to gut gradually rise to surface;

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Yan Ziping ever was Zhang Shicheng old ministry is hit in Ming Taizu period pressure reduce beg door, be discriminated against as a child, learn culinary art to change the current situation, because obscurity transforms the identity to enter palace, through oneself craft still is fed of the bureau approbate, but be related of imitation still identity divulges nearly to be defended by bright and beautiful garment witting, do not think to the hangdog living longing like once upon a time the right is mixed at the same time low.

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Su Yuehua is a hutch one’s previous experience, sufferred the mother abandons in one’s childhood, also circulating in the home all sorts of views of the mother, because just abandon,after be brought up, also thinking close ask oneself asks about a bottom is this home, do not have fortunately on the road that seek a mother so labyrinthian in, in still feed bureau the mother that saw oneself still feeds bureau Meng Shang namely, look for an opportunity to enquire a heart in most the issue that mind but in one’s own mother this ate to shut door a thick soup, the relation between two people slowly from expect to arrive again to alienation estrangement.

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Sun is formerly before Yao Zijin enters palace, the status that receives palace also is imitation, be being experienced as a child also is rough and a lot of, because choose too grandson the wife of a prince was found from small intelligent Yao Zijin, the content that wherefrom day begins to learn everyday is the hobby study according to Huang Taisun, hardship also is have get one’s own back by always become in Le Dixuan too grandson the wife of a prince, but the Supreme Being gives birth to Sun Rangyongle family name changing moustache is an enmity too grandson the wife of a prince, because choose the wife of a prince to cannot call his mother the woman as a child,be, lowliness of one’s previous experience of one’s own mother has an identity that does not denounce to choose to disappear between the world for Yao Zijin, also wanting to see the person that replaces me into palace at the same time is what appearance after all, also want to ask Huang Taisun ” is all these my fault? Also want to ask Huang Taisun ” is all these my fault??

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Although the actor of this drama is quite much, but 3 women make fun of, an ability of mutual compare notes to still be fed, the friendship of 3 people has a person to be able to fall constantly odd, su Yuehua also is thinking care daughter so namely advocate but the care that every time can see me is redundant, hope 3 good friends have a right final result. Wu Jin character still feeds # Xu Kai broadcast a quantity to defeat 400 million #

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