Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Refus uses Zhang Zhaohui vicarious change outside person pork grounder firm inside soft by assist ” middleaged model male ceiling “ By Zhang Zhaohui (brightness elder brother) , Miao Qiaowei (3 elder brother) , Ma Dezhong (the horse is magical) , the anthology of heavy head drama that the person such as Huang Zongze, Wu Zhuoxi acts the leading role ” : Flying tiger 3) broadcast like a raging fire, in the 4th concentration that just broadcasted, in the circle ” 4 old beautiful magic male ” strong come on stage, 4 50+ model male god of 3 elder brother, brightness elder brother, horse and Chen Hao send out in drama piece blast a glamour of ripe male Yang Gang, be sealed to be by the netizen ” middleaged model male ceiling ” !

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Zhang Zhaohui is performed personally ” person pork grounder “

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Last night the 4th collect ” flying tiger 3 ” in, the flying tiger group that gut tells Fan Shaofeng of You Chenhao personate to lead and great villain in drama launch fight of serial gun fire in discard bazaar, adjudicate error finally because of the Zhang Jiaxuan of Huang Zongze personate, ling Chenhao die tragicly falls in the enemy’s bazooka, melt into of car of the belt that connect a person is cindery, occasion shakes; On the other hand, the Zhang Weihua of personate of brightness elder brother is the grenade that avoids the enemy, not hesitate reincarnate ” person pork grounder ” , roll be born face from the armrest elevator that makes an appointment with tall third floor, alarmingly dangerous again and again!

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To achieve optimal film the effect, brightness elder brother holds to personal go into battle, refus uses stand-in, very professional. Of Chen Hao die at one’s post Ling Feihu team is enveloping miserable mist of an anxious cloud, afterwards of brightness elder brother the first season ” the lurk pole battle of flying tiger ” painful after the Huang Rongxian that breaks personate of good brother Chen Shancong, face brothers to leave again in this season, the one act in drama brightness elder brother sheds next manhood tears in the unpleasant attack by surprise is sad condition on the bed, all show solid acting, many netizens in succession big favor play of brightness elder brother is good and he still moves 59 years old feel well, occasion of explosion, gunfight has the film to feel very much.

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50+ model male each are attractive

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And in Chen Hao leave ceremonially, many netizens arrive alertly ” flying tiger 3 ” gathered in many circle of 50 years old of above ripe age model male, more god of elder brother of inside back cover, Zuo elder brother, horse, it is with Chen Hao ” 4 old beautiful magic male ” , they are more than maintain appropriate, it is to love wife date to hold father of 24 filial piety concurrently likewise in real life, love, career, family can area area give attention to two or morethings, call them so ” middleaged ceiling ” also had not been absolutely.

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