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Original title: ” adult of the fate brings lovers together asks don’t bother to see me out ” : The sky falls to be contended for with in pairs of a bamboo stick used as a toy horse bestow favor on, how should small soubrette choose A lot of heat sow this a period of time drama is the topic related to domestic ethics, the clue is designed special accord with reality, a lot of has seen friends express to feel with experience, but look much all sorts of domestic ethics drama, everybody is certain special also yearning is pure and fresh those who do not have pressure is small sweet drama. The teleplay that by Tian Xiwei, Cao Yu collaboration of the celestial bodies, bridge that resemble house acts the leading role ” adult of the fate brings lovers together asks don’t bother to see me out ” begin to broadcast, this drama can say is sweet the play of ancient costume idol that spends full marks, and set is very novel also, told about the celestial being every that one Duan Tian cruel interweaves to love to everybody, the vigour soubrette with ancient clever odd choice meets unnatural cold face immortal, how can 2 people brush the scintilla that gives love?

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See heroine is Tian Xiwei actually what everybody feels this is a qualification certainly is small sweet drama, tian Xiwei is the female actor that begins a few this years to have one’s moment, most begin to carry green theatrical work ” so lovely us ” in yellow orange one horn has his moment. Mix the vigour of the young woman student of high school period in the Tian Xiwei in this green drama lovely deduce very racily, what she also became Xin Jin accordingly is sweet younger sister. Besides Tian Xiwei still goes out acted ” my pet little put sb on the spot ” , this drama also is accepted sweet drama, and the prince that the set in drama is person and feline star is in love, two main actors are accepted hard each other from inchoate, love each other to later, whole process is very romantic sweet.

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The appearance of Tianxi osmund itself is very melting and lovely, it is ecru that accordingly her a lot of writing can say piece act, be in this ” adult of the fate brings lovers together asks don’t bother to see me out ” of personate of the Tian Xiwei in this drama is the soubrette with a full vigor, a few acting people in the home are pulled for a gleam of of the fate brings lovers together of local all the time, because this still is called to be ” the first intermediary ” , be cultivated dead because of local Gong Luan however, common people people begin to pursue single life, everybody also is being advocated lone can more happy joy, the spouse that all is together also chose to mix from, the spouse that still is together even appears on the street to be able to get everybody’s supercilious look, such state beat small soubrette goes up Guan Ya, how can she dissolve such problem again next? Because go up,Guan Ya is single state all the time, the fate brings lovers together before Jiashangzhi can be destroyed by others, the public praise of government-owned home becomes poorer on, to let common people people believe the fate brings lovers together afresh, should Guan Ya also break him on lone destiny of more than 20 years? There can be two very fine men beside the heroine in drama, among them a god that is the sky, because disobeyed day compasses to must issue every experience complex, because this is accident,also descend from the day into the bosom of heroine. It is true that this can say ” the sky falls ” , however this ” the sky falls ” with heroine it is to jubilate all the time enemy, in the hall of the fate brings lovers together that the hero Bai Yan of personate of Cao Yu celestial bodies gives the Guan Ya on now to design accidentally, bring about on government-owned home is disastrous, and at the moment Bai Yan has been broken recalled, can stay in only on government-owned home slowly repay a debt.

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The set of this drama has logic very much, although leading role of male and female had encountered, but the opportunity that did not make 2 people be in alone painstakingly, also do not have too much and coxcombical set, contrary heroine is in all the time absorption start a career, him hope can help common people people believe the fate brings lovers together afresh. 2 people next further the contact is Cong Baiyan became probably go up Guan Ya’s fiance begins, believe love to can make everybody new, guan Ya decides the fiance that lets cypress develop him disguise oneself as on, 2 people also at this point open the mode that loves after marriage first.

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The set that actually celestial being every loved once upon a time can be guessed, regular meeting faces a lot of problems after 2 people, although the fixed position of this drama is small sweet drama, but sweet still in take cruel, guan Ya is very ancient clever choice is odd on, and always be vigour has energy very much completely it seems that, and Bai Yan although a pair of unnatural appearance, but the Leng Xin outside can seeing she is is hot, going up especially under Guan Ya’s infection, bai Yan also becomes more warm. But next Bai Yan must return the sky afresh, even this paragraph of experience that Bai Yan can forget him very likely to cross disaster, because the cruel heart amour between this 2 people is destined!

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In drama male 2 person is set special denounce happy event, it is the Xu Yunchuan of personate of You Xiaoyu bridge, he and on Guan Ya is in 10 years old when was acquainted, and make Yun Chuan taking paper of a piece of candy to now all the time, it is at that time heroine gives him, come round to look from eye male 2 set is more a few more affectionate, however the Guan Ya on heroine is recollected one paragraph via forgetting this already however. Xu Yunchuan should go up everybody is arranged on Guan Ya’s town the problem of the fate brings lovers together, next heroine is mixed male 2 also can have more be mixed, go up before Guanya 20 years originally beside do not have peach blossom, make love in side others all the time, appear in two male gods at a draught beside nowadays, and each distinctive charm that have oneself, face ” a bamboo stick used as a toy horse ” and ” the sky falls ” appear at the same time contend for bestow favor on, how does our ancient clever essence blame small soubrette to should choose again?

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Anyhow this sweet bestow favor on drama to be worth to look very much really, although be a theatrical work that small cost makes, but gut still has a hotspot very much, and of main actors interactive do laugh sweet, favorite friend is not missed! Editor: Film review of to the marrow

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