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Original title: Sheet of a list of names posted up of TOP10 of the hottest actress gives heat, yuan Chao heats up Jing Tian heat cling to, rank of haze of the Qin Dynasty lets a person regrettablly Must say, home is without giving thought to nowadays how the drama of movie and TV of the type, got an audience people approbate. After all the quality it may be said with medium nowadays drama is as the audience people taste rises ceaselessly.

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Heat of Yuan Chao of Jing Tian heat is only too anxious to do not say, the success in a list of names posted up can be ranked to take the first to make us very surprizing really in the hottest March actress to Jing Tian. After all Jing Tian is recumbent ” Si Teng ” this net drama enters head of a list of names posted up successfully. The heat in the statistic on platform can see in the value, heat value of Jing Tian is to ride almost absolutely the degree of dirt, with the Dilireba that the platoon is in the 2nd photograph comparing rises is the condition that surmounts far.

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Look Jing Tian is drama of completely recumbent net ” Si Teng ” explode successfully fire, believe to have at ordinary times nevertheless often go up in the network the young associate of surf people know, near future Jing Tian is to often appear in the network to heat up search. Jing Tian is being depended on ” Si Teng ” this part was modelled successfully invite an audience people part of impressive movie and TV, although scene is sweet all the time since the resource in recreational group is first-rate, but get an audience truly people approbating also is to pass really ” Si Teng ” this drama.

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Although say Jing Tian is in,nevertheless the heat value March was to exceed Dilireba far, but near future heat sows Dilireba ” travel length a song ” was March actually end just leaves sow, catch up with end regular bus opened her what sow in March, heat can discharge the 2nd to also have actual strength very much actually. One say one, dilireba is in ” travel length a song ” of the personate in drama of this movie and TV ” Li Changge ” also was to model to invite an audience really people satisfactory part, caused the upsurge that seek theatrical work successfully also.

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Nowadays ” travel length a song ” the condition that updating also is returned before a list of plays of this ancient costume, the Dilireba that has begun sentient show gradually is behaved mediumly in drama is to let us very expect, most propbably is updated ceaselessly as this drama, heat value of Dilireba also is to be gone to gradually rose.

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See before 5 medium rank a list of names posted up in the hottest March actress, let us look next from the back have what actor successful and selected. It is Yan Tao, Li Landi, Liu Tao, Qin Lan and Qi Wei respectively among them ordinal sort.

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When seeing Li Landi is in before be being entered successfully 10 in the hottest March actress, telling the truth is to make us very surprizing really, can see Li Landi is to be being depended on ” do not want to disturb me to learn ” this drama enters sheet of a list of names posted up successfully in. Do not know everybody has discovery, li Landi is the hottest March actress in ranking a list of names posted up exclusive one enters a list of names posted up odd ” 95 hind ” small fancy suiting, those who look true also is the billow before the billow after the Yangtse River is pushed, very expect next Li Landi has how wonderful show.

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Rank of haze of the Qin Dynasty lets a person regrettablly

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