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Original title: The classical and vicarious stalk in drama of movie and TV, a few do you know? The root plants the to reflect leading role affection in drama of movie and TV greatly, also feel to increase the cruel of the story, classics regular meeting appears a kind of circumstance, because reason dies,be Bai Yueguang, male advocate be overwhelmed with sorrow when, appear again one grows exactly like the old practice with person new happening. From now on the person that I love, resembling you is not you truly, it is special belt feeling, this is common say ” vicarious stalk ” . But in love, because have a piece of same face, experience of disposition, temperamental, life differs right-down, can fall in love with afresh, renew leading edge? At that time this individual, that person that still falls in love with at the outset? Of the story finally, bai Yueguang turned the meal on the wall into bead, where is the vermilion mole that still is mind? Look together! " madam of bead of a dry measure used in former times " violet hairpin & oranges red orchid

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One person cent acts the role of Chen Xiaoyun two horn, elder sister violet hairpin, the little sister oranges red orchid, sister two it is Xiaoguo notes drive out princess, grow exactly like however disposition is disparate. Because violet hairpin is male advocate peace male the 2 dispute between Di Xuzhi and the body is dead, became the Bai Yueguang in heart of brilliance of the rising sun of the Supreme Being, for a long time cannot dismiss from one’s mind. Xiaoguo to insinuate Di Xu is entered again displayed a little sister to orange red orchid. And Di Xu worries about Xiaoguo have ulterior motives first, second same face always can tick off a wife exanimate anguish to remember, as if then reincarnate and blusterous emperor, ignore cold heat up suddenly, hare of Xiaobai of mad all the time cruel oranges red orchid, it is glass simply candy crack with teeth in mouth searchs in broken bits.

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Xu Duiti of the Supreme Being orchid bad, because orange red,be orchid exist, always reminding this the person already died, and cannot get tear at of as painful as what already lost hour to wear his heart, know to orange red again in his heart orchid without what itself is wrong, he is so right orange red orchid the manner just can contradict so and relapse. And orange red orchid although experience is miserable, the heart is very kind-hearted however, she knows very well Di Xu is right the deep feeling of violet hairpin, violet to be being regarded as hairpin is so vicarious although have resentment, but not excessive is begged, also do not expect, more won’t low-down cadge Di Xu’s love, want to conserve only the person beside oneself and oneself.

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Di Xuzhi can be fallen in love with again so orange red orchid, not be the countenance because of likeness, he all the time very clear sister two not be same individual. Di Xu falls in love with, it is that outside soft inside firm, persistence oranges red kind-heartedly orchid. Regrettablly, the soul with these two long already adrift, cannot the heart with placatory lonely the other side. Orange red orchid still leave the world after all, stay only once trifling warmth. " discriminate is passed " pure yuan of & discriminate

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This is by vicarious caused tragedy. Yong Zheng was not becoming an emperor when, married pure yuan, because the result is beyond the mark preference, bring about pure yuan of harm be issueinged by oneself little sister is dead, became the Bai Yueguang in imperial heart from now on. The emperor was become later, yong Zheng saw grow so that resemble inside show daughter pure yuan discriminate , so special to her favor is bestowed favor on. At the beginning, the girl that discriminate ever also was like every Huai Chun is same, because,the joy that has one’s heart filled with eyeful is the emperor before, bestow favor on be addicted to because of his, because of his preference, because of his exuding tenderness and love through eyes.

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But knowing his when discriminate is only vicarious when, wake up to reality when her often when the emperor is looking at her, the likelihood is to pass through her to be in long for another person, at that time all conjugal love are changed mix for hand sneer at, go to the fields is smoked woke she, she eventually heart grey meaning is cold, aux would rather become a monk or nun also do not wish to answer palace.

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If not be later of fruit county king dead, the likelihood also won’t have black later change those who return dawn high-ranked imperial concubine and of discriminate of · of button blessing salary. The be related of affection, how is cruel, be less than the last moment, you do not know you are in forever you are in heart of so called sweetheart why appearance, have why deal!

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" the piscine beauty of fokelore of heaven and earth " small lotus of golden peony &

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Male view child swim with female 2 gold peony is having contract as a child, but when child swim grown adult searchs come to come, peony already was become when government prime minister female. Stress be well-matched in social and economic status since ancient times, the dad settle on of peony imperatorial child Jiang Yunfei, look not in the sky the poor book that has trifling ability feeling is parturient swim. Peony is to know a book to amount to the person of size elder sister of the ceremony to set, life naturally of parents dare be not violated, but also cannot sustain and child the good impression of the generation in swimming to get along with each passing day.

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Small lotus is the carp of one end gold in pool of the lotus in peony government office originally, sufferred peony to deliver fed grace, all the time for child swim and peony pull wires, result peony die in one’s bed was in in the bridal sedan chair, small lotus cannot bear heart Zhang You is aching, oneself change to be accompanied into peony personally in child swim beside, him result also fell in love with Zhang Zi to swim. Child peony and small lotus also discovering in swimming in this process is two people, because do it Qian Xiaolian to help 2 people, often reincarnate peony and child swim encounter, small lotus and child swimming is sentient foundation actually, because small lotus got hurt,later is, turned carp essence into noumenon, jing of Zhang Zi You Cai becomes aware his wife is not original peony already!

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The correct when coming here is seedy swim of love is to change the small lotus as peony, ill already still the peony that go already was without a meaning, because love happened so naturally, and serious situation is serious justice, tell favour graph newspaper, the small lotus with ancient clever odd choice grows up personally to change with child swim to stay together long, lost Xiu Lian not only effective power of hundreds of years, still take the life of the mother that went up to be about to become celestial being, sacrifice cannot call not quite. The ending of the story, 2 people are eradicate die for love of demon in pairs, spend an affectionate couple on a pair of water, although have a regret, also times feeling tender feeling!

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Just, love is admittedly good, but take friendship kissing affection and oneself body home life completely on, whether is there regret in also knowing small lotus heart! " have not enough time to say I love you " Su Ying of Yin Jingwan &

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This, heroine is to be treated as no longer vicarious. Male advocate person of a surname Feng ” 4 little ” , with Bai Yueguang Yin Jingwan is original very love each other, and still had the child. But a surname Feng that serves as warlord, consolidate to be mixed evenly force, chose couplet friendship of He Chengjin however, yin Jingwan is sad leave. What Feng of postnuptial a surname passes is not happy, encountered He Yinjing Wan to grow till him exactly like Su Ying, become Su Ying completely those who do Yin Jingwan then vicarious.

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Although Su Ying follows Yin Jingwan exactly like, fasten poorly to disposition day, beautiful gentle and quiet, scholarship has both, it is elder sister of size of old and well-known family, if take off hare,one is moved, there is money only in the heart, whorehouse of one’s previous experience, su Ying serves as vicarious appeared only a few collect, by a surname answer of wife Cheng Jin beat dead.

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In whole process, a surname Feng comes only then come to be able to differentiate clearly eventually two people, think tone teachs a Su Ying Cheng Jingwan’s appearance painstakingly even, just like to see Su Ying that piece of face, he did not concern with Su Ying happening, do not have Jiang Suying to regard as more oneself sweetheart. And Su Ying is scarce probably do not love male advocate what love fund only is vicarious! Stay beside a surname Feng submit to humiliation, also for the high position and great wealth, go to those who want dead or want very a lot of more money. Be Philistine small lovely, also be a poor person! Epilogue in former days ” discriminate is passed ” in ” Guan Guan kind dear ” vicarious Bei deep sorrow and compunction, just understand likeness of a lot of people is not forever however, it is injury person most! Each person is actual distinctive existence, also have oneself love hate and joys and sorrows, hope everybody has only love, what need not make one is vicarious! Still have what classical vicarious stem, the welcome leaves a message division review communicates ~

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