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Original title: Successive 7 season, public praise not only did not break down, temperature is very high! How is program of this put together art done? Did not think of ” great detective ” successive 7 season broadcast, the person is enraged as always. Broadcast after the 29th day, broadcast the quantity is broken through 900 million, day broadcasts the quantity gains the championship 7 days. The mark of fabaceous valve also maintains in 7.9 minutes.

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How is great detective to achieve period high-energy? In the case ” prime minister in feudal China lights a lamp please ” in, at the beginning, everybody gathers in building of drunk celestial being, await prime minister in feudal China to appear, ignite day lamp, realize the desire that prays for people. In the process that await, the Ou Huakui of king gull personate is displayed for everybody went up oneself dancing, but after the end, zhang Wei is wearing firedrake fruit on her head deridingly.

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Look very beautiful in this program, for perfect fit a part, she is special put on gules dress, particularly careful also on choice of hair act the role ofing, blooming peony, do not go up in bob, because appearance and firedrake fruit are very similar, be mocked by Zhang Wei, become this period laugh at one of dots.

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After the first round of search ends, everybody gathers dish of clew. At this moment, a few killer that come from domestic animosity and national animosity had appeared. Than the talent bookman that is like He Jiong personate He Badou is mixed the Zhang Baimo of boss of building of drunk celestial being of Zhang Reyun personate, Ou Huakui, although be the person that comes from 3 different countries, but they had had be mixed in one’s childhood.

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He Badou showed very high literature talent as a child. His greatest dream dreams even if enter fill an office successfully, become a good officer that performs real deeds for people. However, face the nation that unrest and ancestor leave to hate, he must abandon all the time importunate dream, the choice becomes a hanger-on of an aristocrat of prime minister in feudal China, the other side is searched to try to seek the testimony that turn over in this process.

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Ou Huakui also has a country to hate. Although her dust flies upwards, but in fact, she once was the princess of lily magnolia country. Because her country is destroyed, she must choose this road a future life to put. Look in her, tall general is to bring about lily magnolia country to destroy national enemy. The state that she considers to with oneself meager strength is him revenges.

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The Zhang Baimo of Zhang Reyun personate, remember the little girl of childhood in the heart all the time, did not think of to be able to make a person however. In his dining-room, ou Huakui is him originally in one’s childhood best playmate. His identity is not actually simple. As had destroyed of lake country of the country send a person exclusively, his greatest dream goes back to the motherland namely.

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As dark as Ou Huakui the Qiao Shizi that the person that love is Qiao Zhenyu personate. His identity before is the son that Hou as form of a address for an official or rich man, he also is Zhen Zaixiang’s foster son. He identifies the other side to be justice husband, it is to want to look for an opportunity to capture actually army authority, cast off Zhen Zaixiang finally.

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Besides Qiao Shizi, still have the old guard of personate of pieces of big Wei. However, in this paragraph of feeling, old guard is dark all the time loving the other side, the means that uses oneself is guarding the other side silently. Main reason is the princess that he is called to pursue elegant by in one’s childhood was saved, hua Kui saw again after be brought up. He identifies the woman before immediately is a little girl, have the grace that help with oneself in one’s childhood, protecting her all the time so.

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On this problem, yang Rong is one of detective programs with not much amount to. Check through the first round, actually the most crucial clew was not discovered. The 2nd round ransack in the begining, yang Rong found the crucial clue that He Badou leaves, namely Zhen Zaixiang guesses the answer in riddles written on lanterns to be destroyed in the first round.

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She guesses what do intentionally to this kind of behavior is somebody, the goal is very simple also, the article that carries finish prime minister in feudal China namely comes the time line of promiscuous everybody, create a very clear not attendant proof for oneself. This is He Badou most the clew that concealment, but did not think of to be discovered by Yang Rong at the beginning, become this period one of high-energy setting, let He Gui admire. Through final search and man-to-man join, the suspicion lock with will last people is surely between Ou Huakui and Zhang Baimo. Finally, the Zhang Baimo difference with one ticket is cast to be a murderer, the case is informed against successfully. As to his behavior, zhang Baimo says he prepares to be caught.

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In enemy delitescent in this paragraph of time, he is very clear the condition that become is very clear. He knows Zhen Zaixiang establishs young emperor is not a simple act, want to gain political power however, seek authority usurp the throng directly even, let oneself become this position. He is clear, answer country is impossible now, after all his force is too weak.

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But in the life that he does not miss to let people continue to live in an abyss of suffering, he hopes to bring peace to the world, although authorities is not his own country, if discriminate premier continues to implement his plan,so he understands, will bring about people to just stop a war, be immersed in queasy life again.

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Accordingly, in expose oneself, exchange people quiet, continue conceal, seek answer state in the process of the opportunity, he resolutely choice sacrifice ego, the peace that is a whole world is indefatigable hard. The choice is being made in the vengeance of family and country is a very difficult decision, but he still chooses to expose his, in order to exchange the peace of everybody’s family and country.

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