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Original title: Chen Qing makes: In department of Qi hill Jiaohua, avoid dirt by disfavor, have only in eye of the gentleman that contain light ” informal ” ! Leave the first days year, small make up say voice to everybody first ” Happy New Year! ” still be enmeshed in what burned flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil last night to cross year of evening party, a few stages are cut cut, really 10 finger are used not quite, but did not miss big treasure and the appearance of 2 treasure fortunately. Leave 2020, happy event greet 2021, new journey hopes two people are nicer and nicer. Or that word is little make up not knock true person, still like knock to forget to admire, the hope is in of another parallel spatio-temporal in, forget to admire two people also can well. Good, follow then small make up come knock A makes. After Wei Moxian gives Jiang Cheng analyse red, in exterminate hill a small town is classy when the river is settleclear, be captured to be thrown into random bury hillock by lukewarm a surname, but everybody does not know this thing, be in so next 3 months, jiang Cheng and blue forget machine baby looking for the Kingdom of Wei searchs quickly mad. Blue forget machine the children that regards aunt as Su La, should follow official of blue sunlight of its eldest brother to fight in Jin Ling together originally, but he chooses to follow Jiang Wanyin one case however, so the purpose has only, he is to search Wei Ying.

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To ask about Wei Ying’s whereabouts as soon as possible, blue forget machine and Jiang Cheng department of Jiaohua of Xi Qishan of one get up in the night to urinate, blue forget of machine come on the stage too Shuai Taiba was enraged, have the coercion feeling of a kind of regnant the world. Blue family name first ancestor it is bonze, 3000 compasses are to be equal more at regulations, cannot kill easily be born is blue more forget machine the home plan that reachs to be scrupulouslied abide by greatly as a child, can be 3 months search, lost patience via letting his blaze burn a body already, in Qi so Jiaohua Si La forgets hill opportunity is great reduce drop, the Jiang Cheng that after be being connected, comes sees the body on the ground, dou Lou gave open-eyed look.

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If not angst arrives the utmost, if not worries about the utmost, is waveless of all along ancient water blue forget machine how meeting nohow so far? Blue forget machine the mood of all extremes is concerned with Wei Ying actually! If Wei Ying is well, blue forget machine it is sunshine. If Wei Ying is bad, blue forget machine also can become angry. Be informed Wei Ying to be thrown into random bury hillock, most propbably right now blue was to worry about the utmost in the heart of 2, painful also arrived the utmost, he incredibly in that way an Anacreontic and clever girl, meet such dying out. Jiang is mixed later clean up of blue family name department of Qi hill Jiaohua, the sword also searched the admire that everybody is captured that day to come back, there is a detail here contrast is very interesting, apparent area parted Jiang Cheng is mixed blue forget machine, also showed Wei Ying at the same time the position in two popular feeling is different.

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When the admire sword that holding everybody in both hands when the person of at hand comes over to report on completion of the task, jiang Cheng an admire sword that saw oneself 3 poison, want to also did not want to had received oneself admire sword. Still follow before blue forget machine two people are saying Wei Moxian a variety of, but when seeing admire sword, or had been received for a short while first come from 3 poison of oneself, it is it is thus clear that in Jiang Cheng’s heart, what he values most still is him. Following Wei Moxian is brother, he also cares Wei Moxian, when once Weimo admires the increase that follows river settleclear oneself,can producing contradiction, jiang Cheng or meeting choice abandon Wei Moxian. Also can see from here, so cloud dream Shuang Jie also is destined to cannot step down all the time finally.

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The manner of comparative Jiang Cheng, here is blue forget chance is too good tasted. Obviously oneself avoid dirt at hand, but blue forget machine it is gently shoot a glance at only, did not stretch his hand however go him recapture admire sword, feel distressed right now avoid dirt 3 seconds, if avoid dirt has sword spirit, regular meeting is experienced by host desolate.

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A children of blue family name is subsequently direct reply ” blue 2 childe, the admire sword that this is Wei Gongzi ” , hum! Waiting to contain Guang Jun to go back to add drumstick to this children, look all children of blue family name knows Wei Moxian is right blue forget opportunity is very significant, the admire sword that admires Weimo directly so ” informal ” held in both hands blue forget of machine in front of.

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Blue forget machine stretch one’s hand the admire sword that takes Wei Ying, in heart of the thing reminds one of its owner cry out silently ” Wei Ying, are you in after all? ” and blue forget machine attempt pulls out admire sword of Wei Ying, discover however had sealed a sword casually. Such discovery lets blue forget movement in more disturbed, if host is well, how can the sword seal a sword? Right now blue forget to worry more in movement, how can you consider again on oneself admire sword? So you look in blue forget the heart of machine in, see Wei Moxian more importantly than oneself all the time, even if be admire sword of Wei Moxian,also be same. Such forgetting that admire how can you let a person not above?

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