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Original title: ” beautiful language is endowed with ” Qin Xuan likes Qiu Yan, however female advocate did the little sister sleep? Just helped sb to fulfill his wishes Liang Yi Teleplay ” beautiful language is endowed with ” heating up in sowing, this drama is the person such as You Qiaoxin and Xu Zhengxi presents as leading role to act the leading role. Of the clue in drama invert it may be said is another, explode the point is constant, make a person not self-conscious want to continue to be chased after, see next content. Male girder assist with female Zhu Qiuyan it may be said is to jubilate enemy, do not make do each other at the beginning, the result falls in love with the other side not self-consciously however, still do not know oneself, invite an audience indeed people was worried.

20220302210746 621fdca248c41

Qiu Yan is a young lady that the name is other people of riches and honour, actually is the person of destiny not good, her lifetime early arrangement be givinged by family, to cast off oneself miserable life, pass finally hard, turn round a situation ceaselessly, obtained male the heart of 2 Qin Xuan’s love. This is best undoubtedly to Qiu Yan, extraction of soft of the Qin Dynasty is good, appearance is handsome, she is married life of the home that take a surname is completely different.

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Regrettablly, the thing produced change, decline of family financial situation of Qiu Jiayi time, by imperial search sb’s house and confiscate his property, became coarse person. Break up to replace autumn home dish, qiu Yan can cooperate with the Liang Yi that does not make do only, finally the two people relation because of time, actually not self-conscious dark strange sincere feeling. During this, qiu Yan wants He Qinxuan to part company because of Qiu Jiahuo blame, reason is for not complicity the Qin Dynasty warmths, actually is to be in nevertheless fall in love with Liang Yi to look for excuse to stop for oneself.

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Then Qiu Jianv has tender feeling for to escape below Liang Yi’s help department teaching lane, do more some truelier for the trick, liang Yi looked for a female cadaver to pretend is pass a barrier of body deceive or mislead people. Accordingly, qin Xuan thinks Qiu Yan died by accident, sad. By chance at this moment Qiu Min appeared, if copy of soft of the Qin Dynasty sees a gleam of hope, jiang Qiumin takes safe place, enquire Qiu Yan’s circumstance. Two people are young still drank a few cups, eyes showing the effects of drink of soft of final the Qin Dynasty is hazy, jiang Qiumin regarded as Qiu Yan, saluted.

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Time slowly in the past, the message that Qiu Yan did not die is passed into ear of soft of the Qin Dynasty. To prove a groundless allegation, qin Xuan arrives Liang Fu one dug unexpectedly, the small concubine Su Yiwan that discovers house of Liang Yi gold hides charming is the Qiu Yan of own yearn day and night. For this, it is good that Qin Xuan still thinks Liang Yi is for him, conceal intentionally. When till Liang Yi personally says he also likes Qiu Yan, qin Xuan does not control the anger that have one’s heart filled with eventually, one sword stabbed Liang Yi.

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Original, liang Yi considers as to disregarded brotherly friendly feelings to grab his to be put in the woman on heart needle in Qin Xuan’s heart, the result cannot think of however, liang Yi can make excuse with Qiu Min, say he slept Min of little sister autumn. Because of this word, qin Xuan resembles shrivelled for an instant angry ball, like rectifying an individual to resembled breaking spirit, of Liang stagger Qiang walked out of Liang Fu.

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Although Liang Yi is not little to autumn home help, tell on Dan Conggen source, he does not calculate on what true gentleman, the sweetheart that he reaves Qin Xuan anyhow unalterable also. But, feeling is not the thing of one-sided, need sees Qiu Yan’s manner and her alternative. Apparent, qiu Yan likes Qin Xuan is to seeking support, and the true love that just is Qiu Yan to Liang Yi. As to, playwrite arranges Qin Xuan will female advocate of the little sister slept, because gut needs,be nevertheless, should help sb to fulfill his wishes men and women advocate feeling stopped.

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