Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Han round member is driven by wine chase after bump! ” respect course of study to squeeze smile ” journey of go to work ends evacuation medical service Reporter Wu Ruici / Pentagon5 of male group of comprehensive report Korea year will develop song activity in the musical circle all the time, famous spend and person morale is very high. 10 days, cube of its broker company brings a sad news of the death suddenly. Push in the government special in the card, because wine is driven,confirm member YeoOne be bumped into, bring about the waist to get hurt. Below the diagnosis of the hospital, he must rest well and recuperate, the company announces the activity when be faced with completely on behalf of him.

20220302210814 621fdcbe63cfa

YeoOne encounters traffic accident, the company announces to suspend an activity. (Picture / break up pat push from the Pentagon special) the statement according to this company, yeoOne ends individual trip the way home to go up to be driven by a wine in 9 days of before dawn car traces remaining part. After accident happening, he goes to a hospital accepting treatment instantly. Although the hospital suggests he is brief,rest, but he himself hopes strongly to attend the direct seeding afternoon 9 days, intense ache appeared in the activity that day so. Cannot think of, after end activity returns a dormitory, the waist ached suddenly to rise. After going to a hospital again, be decided to need corresponding treatment. This company announces, “YeoOne of the Pentagon member gets hurt because of the waist, intermit activity. Company commitment pays close attention to the health of YeoOne heart and soul. Before he recovers, the Pentagon will work in 7 people group temporarily.

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Yeone is driven to chase after by wine, but still squeeze the smile that gives to respect property to go to work, but the hospital still arrived after the journey ends. (Picture / reprint push from Idollive special)

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Be worth what carry is, after message exposure, have gouge of vermicelli made from bean starch the content that direct seeding participates in after YeoOne gets hurt. He is smiling professionally to interact with camera lens not only, still reveal welfare of all sorts of vermicelli made from bean starch to screen. The message exposure that gets hurt now, vermicelli made from bean starch people just suddenly be enlightened, the heart tells members abdomen bright the fact with his uncomfortable waist, close still follow closely helps after one’s death in him put cushion to holding him in the arms, let vermicelli made from bean starch feel distressed to be hated to part with again. ” ETtoday news cloud ” remind you: Drink not to drive, drive not to drink.

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