Mon. May 23rd, 2022
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Original title: TVB senior actor wishs Wen Jun dies due to illness, ceng Yan passes ” 72 rent a settle or live in a strange place ” wait for work Zhu Wenjun is TVB of Chinese Hong Kong senior actor, wireless art member training class graduates, TV station program is chaired, gold costar, died due to illness on March 1, was to get lung cancer, unruffled in the dream in the home die, die at the age of is 55 years old.

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TVB senior actor wishs Wen Jun dies due to illness presumable young associate people not be to understand very much to her, zhu Wenjun is engaged in artisan work having 30 one’s remaining years, as compere, had chaired ” the city is pursued and attack ” program; As the actor, ever went out had acted ” 72 rent a settle or live in a strange place ” ” happy match of hotel adventure knot ” wait for the film, still gues-starred Zhou Xing gallop the film ” feed a mind ” , personate collects money frontal city looks askance true D. Teleplay ” the domestic good month of storm of with a soft yolk is round ” ” case of explore of Quan Jia Fulu birthday ” ” the law court on glossal sword ” ” division suckles Madam ” ” laugh cross every ” ” boxing king ” etc. In above work of Zhu Wenjun, teleplay ” iron fist hero ” be broadcasted on January 10 this year, although costar is mostly in work, but degree giving prize is assuming at leading role. Absolutely cannot think of, zhu Wenjun died because of lung cancer on March 1, this news is too unexpected, still have open-eyed, a lot of good friend that connects her does not know she has cancerous news, the actor dispatch such as dew of Cai Shaofen, horse’s hoof grieves over, zhu Wenjun all the way good go.

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